Who Are We

So, who are we? We are a group of people passionate about fitness, fanatics you could say. We wanted to create a website that spoke to everyone, not just the professional runner or the young ripped body builder but everyone, you & me. Fitness fanatics from all ages with all levels of ability, as long as you’re interested in becoming fitter, stronger, healthier and happier then we’re here to help.

The current team includes Adam, the founder of MyGymUK and a keen runner having completed the Brighton Marathon last year and is looking to compete in his first foreign race, the Berlin Marathon, in September.

Paul is our resident wellbeing expert and ‘Life Doctor’ with over 20 years experience with focus on life & mind management and an anxiety specialist. Paul enjoys hitting the weights, circuit training.

Mark has been passionate about fitness for years, having shed a lot of weight in his younger years through  a good clean diet, gym and martial arts. He brings this passion and experience to MyGym in his workout posts.

Last but certainly not least Adam Foster who is a muscle-building expert having competed professionally in his first body building competition for NABBA and is currently training for his 2015 entry in UKBFF.

We are always looking for more like-minded people to join the team, so if you’re interested then drop us a line by using the contact us page.

Welcome to MyGym – because it’s all about you; real people, real fitness.