Tom Tom Multi Sport Cardio GPS Watch

Tom Tom Multi Sport Cardio GPS Watch

Tom Tom famed for it’s car navigation tech has now entered the personal fitness market & is quickly making a name for itself against such stalwarts as Garmin & Polar. Earlier this year Tom Tom released two new personal GPS devices, the entry level Tom Tom Runner & the watch I’ll be reviewing here the Tom Tom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch.Tom Tom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch My Gym Fitness Blog

The Specs
Up to 8 Hours using both GPS & HR Monitor, 10 Hrs just GPS
Weight: 63g
Display: 22 x 25mm
Water Resistant: 5 ATM
Sensors: Motion Sensor, Optical Heart Rate Monitor, Compass
Bluetooth, One Button Control, Backlit
Activities: Indoor & Outdoor Running, Cycling, Swimming

First Impressions
This is one smart piece of kit. As many who read this may know I am a keen runner, my go to app / tracker of choice is the Nike+ app on my iPhone, purely for simplicity reasons. This watch completely changed that. Tom Tom have obviously invested a decent amount of time & resources into getting this device right.
From the secure mesh rubber strap to the touch sensitive backlight sensor everything is well thought out & designed. Wearing it is a pleasure thanks to the slim rubber frame & only weighing 63g you would hardly know it’s there. While not using it for training it can be used as a simple stylish & colourful watch, however its when using it to it’s full true capabilities is where it comes into it’s own.

Tom Tom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch My Gym Fitness Blog

The watch has a number of features & can be used for running (inside as well as outside thanks to the inclusion of a motion sensor), cycling & swimming with a number of modes within those functions.

By including built-in heart monitoring has allowed TomTom to create effective tracking and training tools with various modes such as Sprint, Speed, Endurance, Fat Burn & Easy zones or you can specify a session that keeps you in whichever you prefer. The watch will then alert you when your heart rate drifts outside the zone so you can speed up or slow down accordingly.

So how accurate is the heart rate monitor – very! I tested it not only against my old Polar unit with the chest strap but also a new Samsung S5 & in both tests on different people the Tom Tom heart rate monitered matched those devices almost to the beat.

For distances too the Tom Tom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch is pretty damn spot on. Metre for metre there wasn’t much in it between the Nike+ app on my iPhone & the Tom Tom watch, both in long runs & cycling. For cycling included in the packaging is a rubber handle bar mount which is simple & quick to fit & remove.

One slight downside is that the GPS can be slow to find a satellite, by slow i’m talking seconds not minutes but it did take a while compared to other devices. However once it had located a signal I had no problems during training & it never dropped or faltered.
The big simple display & one touch button means that even with rain & sweat in your eyes it’s still easy to see your pace, time & distance. The vibrate function also acts to alert you should you be miles away in ‘the zone’.
It’s a testament to the designers that the watch is so simple to understand & use without being bulky & ugly. The screen display is clear, stands out & is contemporary in it’s stylings. The menu system is concise & gets you to what you want to do quickly.

App & Web Support
The phone can sync either via the USB cable which is also used for charging the device or you can connect to your laptop, mobile via bluetooth & the app/ software. The app is beautifully designed & so is Tom Tom’s website. However it isn’t a walled garden as it is with other fitness companies & you can still useyour Tom Tom data on such sites as Strava, MapMyFitness & RunKeeper


The Tom Tom MySports app is easy to use connecting to the watch via Bluetooth & is available on iPhone & iPad with Android coming later. After your workout you can view distance, duration, calories burned, heart rate, map route & elevation covered this is then uploaded to the website where you can view the stats in more detail & training history.


Tom Tom Multi Sport Cardio GPS Watch


There’s no denying that this is a great piece of kit, and versatile if, like me you not only run but cycle too & enjoy the odd swim now & again. It’s well built with quality components & materials, easy to use & well supported – during the time I’ve had it the watch has received two software updates from Tom Tom which is reassuring knowing that they are pro-actively improving the software & device all the time.
Over the last four weeks I’ve really put this watch through it’s paces, it’s been dropped, knocked, rained on, bashed, thrown about & it still looks & works like a dream. Some might balk at the initial outlay but if you’re serious about your training & sports then I believe this is a great investment. An all in one that does the job of two devices (GPS & Heart Rate Monitor) admirably.

Price: RRP £249.99 Sale Price £179 for the top model reviewed here TomTom Multi Sport Cardio GPS Watch – Black

Correction: The TomTom app is now available for Android since this review was written.

Editor's Rating

Tom Tom have just set a new bar for which other devices now need to achieve.
Overall 90%
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