Fitbug Orb Review

Fitbug Orb Review

– Launching at CES 2014 the Fitbug Orb is a British based entrant into the fitness tracker / wearable market. At first glance there is one main thing that I really like about the Orb, its price. Retailing at £45 it is easily one of, if not, the cheapest comprehensive fitness tracker out on the market at the moment.

What does it do?

Firstly it tracks the number of steps you take a day both ‘normal’ & ‘aerobic’. Secondly at night you can change modes so that it monitors your sleep activity and the quality of sleep you are getting.

So, what’s included in the box?

Wrist strap
Belt Clip
Fitbug Orb

The Orb

Best described as a round thick plastic disc the Fitbug Orb is about the diameter of a £2 coin and comes in white, black & pink. On its own, the Orb weighs just 8.5 grams. With the wristband, the weight increases to 26 g and with the clip, it goes up to 18.5 g.

Unlike most fitness trackers which you wear on the wrist the Orb comes with several options on how to wear it. The conventional wrist strap is included for you to pop the Orb into but it also comes with a clip (which I used on the small inside coin pocket of my trousers) and also a lanyard which attaches to the disc itself to be worn as a discrete pendant.

Fitbug Orb Review My Gym Fitness Blog
The Orb, wrist strap and clip

The build quality is top notch, it’s tough and durable (although you can’t get it wet) with just the one button that sets everything, there is a LED light indicator to let you know what the Orb is doing. It’s simple enough to use although i do miss having an actual display to look at and confirm what mode is set or number of steps I have walked – without looking at my phone.

The battery fitted into the Orb is a standard watch battery which Fitbug state will last at least 4 months while using the Orb daily. The battery can also be easily replaced when needed which I prefer than using a rechargeable battery which over time will become less and less effective at holding it’s charge.

The Sleep Mode on the Orb is activated by simply pressing the button 3 times, quickly. The Orb light will then flash 5 times to acknowledge this change. To end sleep mode just wake up and walk around as you would normally. Within 50 steps the sleep mode is cancelled and the step counter kicks in.

The App

The Fitbug app is available for both Android and iOS, for this review I used the iOS version. The app itself is pretty simple to understand, bright and user-friendly with the whole syncing process being fairly painless.

The Orb itself can sync three ways with the app on your smartphone via bluetooth.

  • Push mode (which I used and requires you to manually sync when you want to)
  • Beacon mode (automatically sends your activity at set periods throughout the day)
  • Air mode (keeps you tracker up-to-date in real time as your walking)


Fitbug Orb Review
Step counter on the iOS app

The design of the app is easy to understand and straight forward, with a daily summary of the number of steps you’ve taken an the break down between normal and aerobic steps as well as goals and targets (and if you hit them or not). Historic data you can refer back and your sleeping information.


Fitbug Orb Review
Sleep summary page on the iOS app

The sleep tracker is personally what I found to be most interesting. The summary page gives a basic breakdown of your length of sleep and also a percentage of how much of that sleep would be classed as quality sleep. Drill down further and you get the more detailed analysis showing when your sleep was disturbed and for how long.

Fitbug Orb Review
You can drill down into more detailed sleep analysis from the summary page

The Website

Fitbug also offer an accompanying website for all of it’s products where the data from your device and app is uploaded to. The grey and pink interface of the Fitbug website is very comprehensive, showing all of the data the Orb collects in discrete segments that are easy to understand.

Fitbug Orb Review 2
Appealing design used on the Fitbug website

For each target, such as Activity, a large pink circle will slowly fill in as you come closer to your target so you can easily see how far you have to go.

Bright & colourful website design will appeal to some


The price, RRP at £49.99 but available for less on sites like Amazon.
Not just an activity tracker, it is also tracks your sleep.
Long battery life (4 months) and easily replaceable standard watch battery.
Wristband & belt clip bundled


Some will miss the lack of a display on the Orb and the different button pressing combinations to activate the different modes takes a little getting use to. It could also do with being a tiny bit thinner.

Where to buy – 

The Fitbug is priced at RRP is £49.99 from Fitbug and is also available at
It is available in three colours; Pink, Black & White with matching colour accessories included.

Disclosure: This product has been gifted to me by Fitbug, however please be assured my reviews are always honest, unbiased and trusted – your respect and trust is of the utmost importance. Whether I love it or hate it, i’ll let you know.

Editor's Rating

The Fitbug Orb is a great tough no-nonsense fitness tracker that can’t be beaten on price. If you can live without a display and remembering the different button press combinations that activate the different modes and settings then this is a great little buy.
Overall 75%
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  1. James
    October 20, 2015 at 11:06 pm — Reply

    Great review! I have one of these myself but in black. It’s really tough and I just keep it loose in my pocket, I really like it.

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