ShakeSphere Review

ShakeSphere Review

– Okay, shakers are shakers, they’re hard to get excited about – or so you would think. Then comes along a newly designed shaker so simple and effective you wonder why others haven’t thought of it before!

Enter the ShakeSphere shaker (you’ll understand the play on words naming of it shortly).

I’ve been using the standard flat bottomed shakers since I first started working out and have always had the issue of half the whey protein being stuck around the corners at the bottom – no matter which product I used or how frantically I shook the shaker.

The genius with the ShakeSphere is the spherical bottom of the shaker, hence the name.

Add the whey protein mix along with water/ milk, screw the lid on and shake. Not only does it create a nice and smooth mixture but since the whey has nothing to cling to on the base there is no residue left at the bottom, it’s all mixed to perfection.

Add to that these value added design benefits and you suddenly realise that not all shakers are the same.

Firstly there’s a storage compartment at the base for more whey powder, second hit later in the day maybe? Which unscrews from the main compartment, I’ve used it for additional whey protein, a portion of almonds and also to secure my flat key in it when I went running without a bag among other uses!

Up from the removable storage compartment there is a pill section of which spins around the bottle creating four separate sections, perfect for those timed daily supplements.

Then there is the main compartment with its brilliant round bottomed base.

The lid is a screw top with over-sized threads, not only making it very secure, unlikely to drip or come off but it’s also easier to attach.

Even the handle at the top of the shaker has a few holes in it so you can attach a locker key while you’re working out at the gym.

Other features to note is that the ShakeSphere is both dishwasher and freezer safe being made from 100% BPA free plastics.

It’s all really rather well thought out and designed beautifully – as shakers go.

ShakeSphere Review My Gym Fitness Blog

Main Features of the ShakeSphere:

The ShakeSphere design means that 99.9% of the supplement you are using is mixed and consumed meaning less waste for you, less smell from less waste and easier & quicker to clean.

Ergonomically designed spout

Secure, anti-leak cap

Oversized thread

500ml capacity

Easy Clean

Storage Compartment with 100g capacity

Rotating 4 compartment pill section

Spherical Base 

ShakeSphere Review My Gym Fitness Blog

Mix’n’Match your ShakeSphere shaker

Lid Colours: Black, Silver, Pink, Purple

Bottle Colours: Black, Pink, Blue, Transparent & Transparent Purple

Storage Compartment: Black, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Transparent, Red & Silver


As weird as it might sound, I actually love this shaker. The simple spherical designed base actually works – no need for fancy motors, vortexes or annoying to clean wire mixing balls.

Price point and colour way options only add to the appeal – a larger version is also available but we haven’t been able to review that.

Who knew that a round bottomed base on your protein shaker would make so much difference, life a little easier and your shake smoother? Well, ShakeSphere did I guess…

As we really like this shaker we’ve managed to bag you a 10% discount on all orders placed, simply use the code: mygym10

Price: £8.99 RRP Available from

ShakeSphere Review My Gym Blog

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