Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea

Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea

– We’ve all heard about green tea right? It has many natural health benefits especially when you substitute it for less healthy alternatives such as coffee or traditional English tea. But have you heard about matcha green tea? This is basically an ‘upgraded’ version of green tea, one cup of matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea, has 137x more anti-oxidants and each serving of matcha contains 35mg of caffeine.

Matcha is grown in the Kyoto region of Japan and is often referred to as ceremonial grade tea because of its high quality.

How is Matcha Green Tea different from just ‘Green Tea’?

It’s all down to the different harvest & production process of the green tea that makes it matcha green tea. Matcha tea is grown for longer and out of direct sunlight which stimulates an increase in chlorophyll levels turning the leaves a darker richer shade of green which in turn gives it is bright green colour when it’s turned into powder form. During the process the leaves are laid out flat to dry and unlike standard green tea it is then de-veined & de-stemmed and ground into very fine powder and that is then matcha green tea.

Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea My Gym Nutrition Blog

Matcha Green Tea can boost your metabolism, reduce redness of the skin, increase energy levels, help with weight control as part of a balanced diet and provide a concentrated hit of antioxidants. I’ve been trying this tea for the last few weeks and I can say that my skin has improved and the dry red patches that I had on my forehead has gone completely – now whether that’s the green tea or the fact I’ve cut down a lot on my coffee intake because I am taking the tea as a replacement I couldn’t say but either way the tea has helped.

Weight control and metabolism is luckily not really an issue for me so I haven’t noticed any of those properties but the increase in energy I have noticed feeling more alert and energetic without the associated anxiety, nerves and then ‘crashing’ I get after drinking coffee.

The taste is something you’ll need to get used to, it’s certainly an acquired taste but as per the instructions if you mix it with hot water & honey, or add it to a protein shake then it’s absolutely fine. If you don’t want to drink it like that then just make a concentrated shot of it and drink in one go.


Excellent quality ceremonial grade matcha green tea at a great price, a 50g pot will last you a good while if you’re just consuming the recommended one or two servings a day and you get to reap all the assumed health benefits as well as increased energy – for me though as a bit of coffee addict this provides a noticeable hit of caffeine whilst being so much more healthier and beneficial for me.

Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea is available online RRP £14.95 (currently on offer at £11.95)Matcha Green Tea My Gym



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  1. Maddie
    October 11, 2015 at 3:09 am — Reply

    Yum! I love green tea and it’s so good for you, too. I must try this one!

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