Make Your Switch Review

Make Your Switch Review

– What is ‘Make Your Switch‘?  Put simply it’s a web subscription service that aims to promote a better you by focusing on positive change in all aspects of your life – health, diet, fitness and self. The same core principles that My Gym believes in.

Each area of focus has it’s own ambassador who has specific experience and qualifications within this area. Emma Kenny: Ambassador for Self, Faith Toogood for Nutrition, Stuart & Elise for Fitness and probably the most high profile ambassador  Make Your Switch has is Dr Hilary Jones ( from Lorraine, Good Morning Britain etc… fame) for Health.

Make Your Switch Review
The Make Your Switch Team

Getting Started

When you log into the site you start at My Dashboard which you can customize by changing the banner and updating your profile avatar etc… A nice little touch is that on signing in each time it asks you to rate how your feeling. This ‘mood tracker’ can then be viewed elsewhere in the site so that over time you can see if there are any patterns.

When you first get going on the site  you have to go through a series of preferences and questions so that they can tailor the service to your needs. These include answering questions about allergies, food portion sizes, general perceived level of fitness, self-esteem and body image. From this information they can then tailor the different plans to suit your needs.

Make Your Switch Review - My Gym Fitness Blog
My Dashboard

Site Content

From the Dashboard you can access all of the sites content which is broken down into these sections; Meal Planner, Fitness Planner, Journal, Storage Board, & Community which i’ll go into in a moment. Content on the site is massive, just posts alone there are over 400 different articles covering a huge spectrum of topics. Just as example here’s a few; Beat the Meats, The Healthy Pronouns, How Yoga Changed my Life, Quitting can also be Winning, you get the idea.

Meal Planner

The meal planners take into account the preferences you originally entered so for me I had a choice of over 100 recipes which is great. You can change these preferences at anytime should anything change so nothing is set in stone. You can build the meal plans yourself or go from a series of plans already designed and nutritional planned for you based on your goals.

Click on a recipe and it displays all the information you would expect in a clear concise way including: ingredients, nutritional information, a really clear and easy to follow method.


Make Your Switch Review - My Gym Fitness Blog
Meal Planner

I love the layout of the meal planner, the meals are varied and well thought out with attractive photos and easy to read instructions. Once you’ve decided on your meal plans then you can also view these from your My Dashboard for easy access which is a neat design touch.

Fitness Planner

Here Stuart and Elise along with other contributing PT’s provide video workouts for you to follow and plan. Pretty much like the meal planner section this too is based on your preferences but you can also show ‘all workouts’ of which there are a staggering 682! Literally everything is covered from HIIT, Kettle bells, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Street Fighter, Switch… you name it they have a workout and accompanying video for it.  Post-natal, limited movement, Over-60’s among other specialist groups are also catered for.

For me, it’s really encouraging to see this level of detail going into the service with consistent quality in both the instruction & presenting techniques.


Make Your Switch Review - My Gym Fitness Blog
Fitness Planner


The journal is probably my favorite area and it’s been very well implemented. In this section you can write yourself entries on how your doing or feeling, general updates, goal updates and end of goal updates. You can set yourself goals with milestones and completion dates. You’ll find the mood tracker here along with motivational and inspirational quotes.

Storage Board & Community

This for me was probably the most disappointing area of the site if I am honest. The storage board is pretty straight forward, a bit like Pinterest, any content you see on the site that you like or want to save for later you can pin it to the storage board for looking at later. That’s all fine and good.

The disappointment comes in the Community section, at the moment there doesn’t appear to be much going on there. Now I know the service is still new and building up a community takes time but for me I just would have liked to have seen more to it other than a few personal stories and recipes. I am hoping that with time this section can build into a true community feeling with forums or sections where people are able to encourage each other. Time will tell I guess and since I am a member of this community I will be doing my part in contributing to this.

Access, Design & Ease of Use

The site is actually very well put together and is optimized for viewing across all devices, it looks just as good on your laptop as it does on the browser on phone or tablet which although it’s expected in today’s age you’ll be amazed how many websites still don’t do it. There’s also an Android App though nothing yet for Apple so I wasn’t able to check that out.

Make Your Switch Review - My Gym Fitness Blog
The Make Your Switch website on various devices.


It’s also very easy to use, throughout the whole site on every section there are video tutorials explaining what and how to do it. A lot of time and attention has been paid on the site in trying to make it as simple as possible to use and although I managed fine without viewing these videos the service is aimed at everyone of all ages and backgrounds who might find these to be incredible


As I said this is a subscription service, so to access all this information, the advice, meal plans and literally hundreds of workout guides there is a cost. The standard price is £14.99 per month, but you can get 3 months for the price of 2 at £29.98. Still not sure? Then i’d recommend going for the trial period – two weeks for £1.00 – give the service a go and see how you get on.


As with anything like this, including a normal gym membership, what you get out of it is equivalent to what you put into it. The site is well designed, easy to navigate and accessible and has a wealth of information both in terms of written content but also video content. I’d recommend signing up for the £1.00 two week trial and really giving it a go, then decide if it’s worth the normal monthly fee.


Fancy wining a years subscription to Make Your Switch? Well we have two annual memberships to give away! All you have to do is enter below – Good Luck!

Make Your Switch Competition


Disclosure: Thanks to Make Your Switch for the annual subscription so that I could review the service.

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