IAMRUNBOX Product Review

IAMRUNBOX Product Review

– The IAMRUNBOX is a new shirt & garment carrier brand from Sweden aimed for those sporty professional types that either workout, run or train before heading into the office and need to ensure they arrive looking dapper.

IAMRUNBOX Product Review My Gym Fitness Blog

So what do you get with the IAMRUNBOX? Well, to start with you get the case itself which is lightweight (only 425g), tough & durable and water resistant. Included in the case is a laundry bag for that used dirty gym kit post-workout and for the O.C.D. types amongst us a folding board is also included – which I love and takes me back to my old GAP days and folding out the t-shirt wall.

IAMRUNBOX Product Review Review My Gym Muscle Blog
IAMRUNBOX & Laundry Bag

The case is actually larger than I imagined it to be but I didn’t have any trouble fitting it into either of my regular gym bags both my Northface rucksack and my Nike duffel bag and still left room for protein shaker, lunch, wallet, keys, etc…

It’s a pretty simple design, tough large double zips to open the case which folds completely open and includes a pocket on one side. It’s made from a durable but not too rigid outer so you don’t need to be precious about it and a soft lined interior.

IAMRUNBOX Product Review Sports Bag My Gym Blog
Fits into a normal sized rucksack

You can easily fit a pair of trousers & a shirt into the case, or two shirts – depending on your needs. Personally I found it great for my Dockers and work shirt which I change into after my early morning pre-work workout. I then use the laundry bag to put my old sweaty kit in and seal it in the case keeping the rest of my gym bag fresh (which those in the office are very thankful for).

IAMRUNBOX Product Review Clothes My Gym Blog
Ideal for pre-office workout / run

I like the design, simple it maybe but it’s effective, the orange detailing really stands out along with the rubberized logo on the otherwise plain black exterior, even the laundry bag has orange cord and small logo detailing on the side. There’s a handle for ease of use and carrying the case and that is pretty much all you need.


Height: 320mm

Width: 265mm

Depth: 80mm

Weight: 425g


For 35.00 Euros (at current exchange rates that’s about £26.00) you really can’t go wrong. It’s a versatile, lightweight & well made piece of kit that’s great for those working out before work (or before going out in the evening).

It’s ideal for travel as well, ensuring you arrive looking smart and crisp whether travelling for business or pleasure.

A smaller version just for a shirt / top and maybe the addition of secure compartment for your wallet, keys or loose change would also be welcome but for a new brand and a new product on the marketplace this pretty much hits the mark.

IAMRUNBOX is available from RRP 35.00 EUROS


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