BOSE Soundsport Wireless Headphones Review

BOSE Soundsport Wireless Headphones Review

– Music is one of my best tools for going to the gym, soundtracks for the type of workout I have planned boost my energy and keep me going.

Also gym music can be quite old, dull and quiet so it’s no wonder most people are plugged into their phones whilst exercising.

My trusty years old Bose® wired Soundsports are dying, the cables are fraying and the sound cuts out a lot during bicep curls so it was that time again to invest in something new. With Apple apparently cutting the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, was it time for me to take the plunge with a pair of Bluetooth sports headphones?

Coincidentally that week Bose® released their new Soundsport Wireless headphones and with early reviews looking good I decided to take the risk and see if they were worth it.

One of the major concerns I have about Bluetooth is the quality of connection and I didn’t want to own a pair of headphones where they disconnected at will or the sound would cut out whilst working out. That would cause me to just bin the things and go back to a reliable wired connection and hope that the Apple rumours were just untrue.

First Impressions

In the Box


3 x StayHear® Tips

Carry Case

USB charger

They look very cool, light and have the ear pieces to make sure they remain in my ears as running and having to adjust the earphones to stop them falling out is a big no no for me. Bose StayHear® earpieces fit very well and you have a choice of 3 sized earpieces which slip onto the headphone to get the right fit.

BOSE Soundsport Wireless Headphones Review My Gym Muscle & Fitness Blog
In the box


My advice here is to try the ones closest to your inside ear size. There is a short cable between the earpieces with a clip which you attach to the back of your top to stop it bouncing around. I would also have liked the option to shorten the cable when running with no top on during the summer like some other brands have.

The size of the earphones was a surprise, they are quite thick and slightly heavy due to the lithium battery which holds their apparent 6 hour charge. Were they going to be uncomfortable to run in? There is also a remote on the right side of the headphones which will dangle down by your ear.

Charging is done through plugging in the USB charger into the right headphone and an orange light comes on and goes green when charged.

BOSE Soundsport Wireless Headphones Review

First Run

Weirdly a message popped up saying connection unsuccessful yet I was clearly connected. You press the bluetooth button on the right headphone. Besides this error the connection was quick and seamless.

They do feel weird to have in your ears at first as they are heavier than normal headphones. Pressing play on the remote gave me my first taste of the connection and sound. I have to say the sound is fantastic, I am no audiophile but for me the deep bass and clearness of the vocals was enough to know this is a quality product. The seal is tight which means very little leakage of sound from these, as I don’t run across many roads to get to the Brighton seafront, the lack of surrounding sound from traffic isn’t much of an issue for me.

The fit of the StayHear® tips was perfect and they stayed nicely in place for a run and a HIT workout where I am jumping and moving around a lot. In the gym, I couldn’t hear much from anyone around me so I could work out in my own little world. The original Soundsport headphones are no way as tight as this and let in plenty of sound so I am loving these even more today!

To be free of cables when exercising is just brilliant, I am hoping to be free of my phone too soon as long as Apple get this function on the Apple Watch. For the moment my iPhone is still on my arm but with nothing attached I no longer have to adjust the cable or worry about some chest presses changing the music by accident when it touched the remote and mic. No more fiddling with cable length or where to put it makes these a top buy for me already.

The App

The marketing on the box encourages you to get the Bose® Connect App to change some of the settings. Options include turning off the voice prompt feature, look at the user manual, managing pair list and changing name of headphones. It’s worth grabbing but doesn’t offer anything special so I was a little disappointed in it.

The Remote and Mic

“Your voice sounds remarkably clear,” my partner remarked as I rang him up and tested the mic and remote. Another bonus was that with the wireless headphones the remote and mic were usually down my top causing me to rummage around looking for it to answer and it wasn’t always the clearest either. My own grumble is that it’s taken me a few sessions to get used to increasing the volume or changing tracks and I can’t often feel where the buttons are to perform these functions.

Sound Cut Outs

The sound did cut out a couple of times as I reached the Brighton Pier, this caused me to have an “uh oh” moment but it didn’t happen anywhere else on the run and further runs were mostly OK with the odd sound being disrupted but strangely only at the pier. Do Piers have something about them which can interfere with Bluetooth signals? Microwaves can do that to Bluetooth and it is the food booths I run past so maybe it is that, it only happens for a moment and is minimal in disruption.


Brighton can be very windy and running down the seafront can be very challenging at times which adds more intensity to the work out. As the earphones protrude quite a bit I did note that the wind caught and tugged on them a bit, causing them to have to be adjusted. It was a little annoying but nothing I couldn’t cope with.


6 Hours is the claim and sadly I got 3.5 hours in before being told by the voice prompt I had 20% left. I recharged after 4.5 hours and will continue to do so when prompted as running out of music whilst working out isn’t an option for me.

BOSE Soundsport Wireless Headphones Review


I Don’t Love

The app

Having to readjust the earpieces on windy days

Remote button functions not defined enough to find easily

Battery life

Registering the warranty is a hassle

I Do Love

The sound quality from music and calls

Freedom from cables to player


Clip on back


Despite questions over the battery We shall see but overall these are for me are a fantastic buy. Running in the wind may prove a little challenge at times but for the majority of workouts these will be my go to headphones and even when not working out why would I go back to cables? I know audiophiles will debate the sound quality through Bluetooth but for me it’s great and with little leakage I get to keep the sound to myself.

The remote features could be more pronounced for ease of use when running and I hope in time the size and thickness of the headphones will become slimmer as technology evolves.

Lastly registering the warranty was a hassle I didn’t need, the serial number given wasn’t accepted by a very dated website.

This means a call which I have to find time to make, with such great products your warranty website should reflect your commitment to great service and it badly lets it down.

Price £139.95

Rating 9/10


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