Paul Sheppard Contributor

Paul Sheppard Contributor

My Motivation

The mind is the most powerful tool you have when it comes to achieving any goals you have in fitness and other important areas of your life. Despite this how many of you really know how to train and work with your mind to free yourself from the natural limitations it will place on you?Paul Sheppard Life Doctor My Gym Blog

I know all too well how the mind can trick you into:

Feeling demotivated
Being lazy
Low self esteem issues

Being frustrated and held back by my mind led me to a career developing anxiety, motivation and confidence strategies and over the decades I have sifted through what works and what doesn’t. I love sharing my strategies with clients with sessions on Skype and from my Life Doctor clinic In Brighton and Hove as I believe life’s too short to be held back by the illusions of the mind. I am passionate too about fitness and I am enjoying exploring my own body and fitness transformation limits and what comfort zones I can keep stepping out of.

If you have any questions about motivation, anxiety and confidence issues, which affect your life, then contact me here.

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