Top 5 Greatest Chest Exercises

Top 5 Greatest Chest Exercises

– Next in our series of ‘Top 5 Greatest Exercises’ focuses on the Chest, which after the Bicep is the most sought after muscle group to get big!

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Barbell Bench Press (Incline & Flat)

This is the king of the chest expanding exercises and is pretty straight forward, you can either go for a high number of reps to start to build up the chest if you’re new to training but then as you progress move to piling on the weight and doing the exercise to maximum muscle fatigue with fewer reps to really swell the chest.

Top 5 Greatest Chest Exercises My Gym Fitness Blog
Barbell Flat Bench Press

Lie flat on your back on a bench with feet firmly flat on the floor. Keep you core still and flat on the bench along with your head, lift the bar from the rack and lower to your chest. Now raise the barbell straight up while maintaining a solid core flat against the bench, pause and then lower back down to the chest and repeat.

You can also do this exercise on an incline bench using exactly the same method. Doing this targets either the upper or lower part of the chest and ensures that a full chest is developed.

Dumb-bell Bench Press (Incline, Decline & Flat)

Top 5 Greatest Chest Exercises Dumbbell Bench My Gym Fitness Blog
Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

Very similar to barbell, you can do this as part of a super set routine working on all parts of the chest muscle groups by using a incline, decline & flat bench position. The great thing with using dumb-bells is the range of motion it allows and encourages the weaker side of your body to work harder then with a barbell where the stronger side can over-compensate.


Also great for the triceps the difference with the chest dip is that you lean your upper body forward by about 30 degrees with elbows sticking out so that focus is taken away from the triceps and squarely focused on the chest.

You can either use parallel bars for this exercise or if you are new to this you can use a dip assist machine to help, this uses adjustable weights that counteract your own body weight allowing you to safely perform the exercise.

Top 5 Greatest Chest Exercises My Gym Fitness Blog
Chest Dips

To perform, grip the bars having your arms locked straight and holding your body up above the bars. Lower yourself in a controlled motion, trying to breathe in while doing this, keeping your chest leaning forward and elbows sticking out slightly until you feel the chest being worked. Then raise yourself up to the starting position while breathing out, as with a lot of exercises concentrate on ‘squeezing’ your chest at the top of the movement and pause for a second or two before repeating again.

Cable Crossover

Top 5 Greatest Chest Exercises My Gym Fitness Blog
Cable Crossovers

To do this exercise put the pulleys (using D-handles) on a high position, select the weight to use and hold one handle in each hand. Step forward so that your core & upper body has a slight bend forward. To start, extend your arms out to the side, straight out but with a slight bend in your elbows in an arc, do this while breathing in and keeping your whole body still.

Now while breathing out return your arms to the starting position using the same arc movement, pause and repeat.


Explosive Push-Ups

Top 5 Greatest Chest Exercises My Gym Fitness Blog
Explosive Push-Ups

Lie down on your hands and knees, extending your feet back and get into the hold position on your toes – just as with a normal push-up, with hands shoulder width apart.

Lower your chest to the floor then, with as much force as you can, push against the floor so that you lift yourself and your hands of the floor, and repeat. To increase the difficulty you can try to clap your hands between each jump.


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