Ryan Hughes Interview

Ryan Hughes Interview

– Ryan Hughes is a fitness model, personal trainer and was one of the first two competitors to earn a pro card in the new IFBB Men’s Physique division.

His wealth of knowledge and experience and his unique training style, which he has coined the “Blast Training System,” have helped him build a thriving personal training and consulting business. Along side his career as a model and now a professional physique competitor.

We caught up with Ryan at Bodypower Expo where he gave us some of his valuable time to answer our questions.


D.O.B 24th june 1987 West Chester P.A.

Height: 185cm

Weight 93kg

What made you get into bodybuilding?
I got into fitness when I was 15/16. I was incredibly thin, 135pounds and really got into it to put on some size. When I started working out I got really into it and did my first show at 19 – then I was hooked.

Roughly how often do you train in the week?
7 days a week – a mix of resistance and cardio training.

How long does a typical training session last?
A typical session will be an hour and a half

Which is your favourite & worst muscle group to train?
I would have to say my favourite is back; my worst is definitely calves!

What are your goals for 2015 and beyond?
My goals for this year are to expand my business both online and in person. I also want to jump back on stage again and hopefully land another cover this year.

Any nutrition tips you can share or popular misconceptions that frustrate you?
For misconceptions – there’s a lot lately on this ‘no-carb’ lifestyle – I eat a good balance of protein, carbs, fat. I always say that if you’re putting in work and giving it 100% effort, you can sustain a higher calorie diet. So, EAT.

Ryan Hughes Interview My Gym Muscle and Fitness Blog

You’re a BSN Ambassador, how did that come about and what has it been like?
About three years ago I was approached by BSN as they were looking for male fitness athletes and I had a decent resume and magazine appearances. We just kind of connected and I’ve been with them ever since.

What supplements can you recommend from BSN that you use?
I use Amino X twice a day every day, pre and during training. I also use the DNA series, CLA, Creatine and Syntha 6 Isolate. They’ve also just launched Syntha-6 Edge, which has a less calories and sugar, a great macro profile, and the taste is really premium, so I’m getting into that now, too.

What is your best personal achievement/s to date?
Probably building my business in NYC. I moved up into the city about 4 years ago with no cash and now I have a thriving business in Manhattan.

If you could go back in time what advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?
Good question… I should’ve hooked up with Flex Lewis sooner! [Laughs] No, I would say I would’ve got started sooner. I would’ve gone in 100% from day one, a bit earlier, got a head start. But all in all I think I’ve taken good amount of risk, I just went for it. I always say don’t live with any regrets.

– Ryan Hughes Interview

You can follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanphughes and learn more about him on his website he is an Ambassador for BSN, you can follow them here @BSNSupps_UK

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