Jason Moran Interview

Jason Moran Interview

– I’ve known Jason for coming up to seven years now, we both work for the same company as our day job. I’m office based and Jason is often on the road which means I get to see him probably twice a year. Over the last few years one thing I have noticed when i’ve seen him is that this guy has gotten big! Proving that no matter what you’re day job is, if your work out hard, have dedication, plan your meals and eat right you can achieve your goals.

So with that in mind, I asked Jason for an interview & he was only to happy to oblige. Thanks mate!


Nickname: Jay / Jase

Date of Birth: 18 / 10 / 1987 (27)

Height: 6’1”

Weight (current): 93kg Competition Goal Weight: 89kg

Place of Birth: Doncaster, South Yorkshire

What made you get into bodybuilding?

I have always been really sporty and athletic and played basketball from an early age representing at county level. From there it really has been a natural progression into the actual aesthetics and physique training. From basketball I progressed into various combat sports and it was then that I increased my gym time and started to see results.

Jason Moran Interview My Gym Fitness Blog

When did you first start seriously training?

I have never been a stranger to the gym, even from an early age however I would say the step change came in 2013 when I realised how much I could change my body and took a real interest in the science behind nutrition and the way our body reacts to different types of training.

Roughly how often do you train in the week and how long does each session last?

I train every day, sometimes twice depending on the level of cardio I have introduced into my prep plan. The session lengths vary dependent upon the body part I am training and time of day but typically; 45 minutes cardio (fasted) first thing before work and then 90mins weights/resistance training on an evening.

How difficult do you find working full-time in a non-fitness related profession maintaining your diet and training regime?

I admit, it would be a lot easier for me to have a profession that centred around sport; and it was my intention after completing a degree in sport and exercise science with teaching to complete my PGCE and become a secondary school teacher. After graduating I decided on a different career path but I am glad as I get the experience the best of both worlds.

Working in an office environment, travelling around the country and stopping away from home can be a challenge at times; however I find that being as disciplined as I am, I tend to plan each day pretty well. I seem to have developed a portfolio of gyms around the country that are easily accessible and always prep my meals well in advance twice a week.

Which is your favourite & worst muscle group to train?

This is a difficult one!! …I enjoy / dislike training different body parts for different reasons. Right now I would have to say my favourite body part to train is legs, which is purely down to the huge developments and improvements I have seen as of late with the intensity of training I am applying; they were my weakest area of my physique last year! My worst muscle group is my back; not because I dislike the training and exercises, but I have experienced serious lower back injuries several years ago and I always have a worry about pushing myself too hard and experiencing pain.

Jason Moran Interview My Gym Fitness Blog

What are your goals for 2015 and beyond?

I am in pretty good shape at the moment and have kept lean throughout 2015; I have used the opportunity to have a few photo shoots to not only improve my personal portfolio, but capture my development and progression. I am looking to compete in the newly established UK Ultimate Physiques federation in the North East Qualifier in October, so I am focusing on that at the moment. Other than that, I just want to continue to improve my physique and enjoy my training.

Any nutrition tips you can share or popular misconceptions that frustrate you?

Eat!! … I get approached by so many people for nutrition advice and tips on dieting to ‘tone up’ or ‘lose weight’ and the fact of the matter is they simply aren’t giving the body the correct nutrients at the correct times. I hate the concept of a lot of these ‘fad’ diets whereby people try to manipulate carbohydrates, fats, water intake. The long and short of it, simply is, that in order to lose body fat, the only way is to create a calorie deficit; in basic terms, the body consumes less calorific intake than it expends. I am not a fan of any fasting diets either; I believe that you should provide your body with a steady supply of nutrients throughout the day. I eat 6 meals at regular intervals ensuring that in particular, I am fuelled for workouts, recovery and sleep.

You’re an ambassador for MAS, how did that come about?

I had been a fan of the MAS Body Development brand for a while and loved not only their clothing but the concept behind the brand, a family run business that puts the athletes before profits. After speaking with the owner, Mike Hind, I was voted onto the team via a scheme he ran on social media at the beginning of 2015. Since then I have done my best to represent and promote the brand through not only my own social media but at UKBFF shows and BodyPower.

What supplements do you use, what are your favourites that you can’t live without?

I run with quite a basic stack of supplements, Grenade .5 calibre Pre-Workout, Grenade Hydra6 Protein, Grenade BCAA & Glutamine. For me they are all equally important for different reasons; however I have to say given my hectic lifestyle and work schedule, I am always thankful for the extra energy and pump provided from my pre-workout!

What’s your favourite workout music track/s?

I have to have quite ‘upbeat’ or ‘loud’ music pumping through my headphones when training. The intensity of the music pushes the intensity of my workout and can help alter my mood or energy levels. The style of music is diverse, from Hollywood Undead – Hear me now to Eminem – ‘Till I collapse!

Who do you look up to or admire & why?

I have massive respect and admiration for any athlete who has the discipline and self-belief to step on a stage or in front of a camera and show case their hard work. I follow and I am inspired by the cliché big name bodybuilders such as Kai Greene and Branch Warren, however Ryan Terry is a big driver for me as his physique and attitude are amazing.

Jason Moran Interview My Gym Fitness Blog

What is your best achievement/s to date?

From a fitness perspective, I have had photo shoots with some of the industry’s best photographers and competed on stage at BodyPower 2015 alongside representing my Team Mas Body Development. However, whilst small, I think my biggest achievements have been to help, guide and inspire others to not just build a great physique, but adopt a generally healthier lifestyle and enjoy it in the process. I will be stepping on stage again and the preparation to get to that point is an achievement in itself.

If you could go back in time what advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

“Listen” ….. Listen to the experience and advice of everyone who is willing to give it. Whilst I don’t have any regrets; my life would have been a lot easier had I listened to the advice I was given! I would also say to, follow your passion and believe in yourself.
Above all the main piece of advice I would give is that you are your own person! Don’t compare yourself to anyone, you are unique and individual. The only competition you should have, not just in bodybuilding but in life is yourself…. My favourite quote of all time is “ why, would you not want to be, the best, that you could be?”

– The Jason Moran Interview

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