An Interview with Amanda Latona

An Interview with Amanda Latona

– Amanda Latona is an accomplished fitness competitor, personal trainer, model, recording-artist, and creator of an online fitness video series, we caught up with the IFBB Pro & IFBB Champion during her visit to the UK and the Bodypower Expo in Birmingham

Stats –

Born: March 24th

From: Pittsburgh, P.A.

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 120 lbs

When did you first start seriously training?
I first started training in 1998 – that’s a long time ago! I’ve been training half my life since I started competing in 2003. I have over 25 first place wins, which is really cool, 10 coming as a pro. I actually grew up as a singer in a girl band and I had three records deals – I was given a gym membership when I was 18 to stay in shape. So I walked into a gym and I just fell in love with it – it was my love of fitness and being on stage. I’ve been training ever since, but it wasn’t until 2003 that I was on real hardcore training.

Roughly how often do you train in the week?
I train a lot! Right now, about 5 days a week, twice a day. If I’m getting ready for a competition it’s 6 days a week twice a day. Since I’ve been competing it’s been to get ready for something, then I’m off; then I have a shoot, then I’m off… I split my cardio and my weights – so cardio in the morning and weights at night.

An Interview with Amanda Latona My Gym The Fitness Muscle Blog

How long does a typical training session last?
So cardio is about 30-40 mins, weights is around 1-1.5 hours. I’m doing a lot of HIIT right now with my training. So I’ll do a lot of supersets, keep my heart rate up, then I’ll do jump rope in between my sets, so there’s no rest – that way I can get my training routine to be very intense. If I’m doing extra cardio I like to do incline sprints. I’m all about being intense. I make every session my hardest so that when I leave I can say I’ve done all I can do.

Which is your favourite & worst muscle group to train?
My favourite is my booty! I love to train glutes obviously – my nickname is the Booty Queen – I have my own label Booty Queen Apparel. In the US we’re on a booty kick – we love to train the glutes! 2-3 days a week would be glute focused.
My worst would be abs; I’ve gotta say abs, I do not like training abs, I try to like it but I don’t!

What are your goals for 2015 and beyond?
My goals for 2015 are to be successful in all my endeavours; we have a really cool project coming out soon and I’m doing a lot more stuff on my website and getting more training videos out, training programmes of my actual workouts; and I think everything to be done with success.

An Interview with Amanda Latona My Gym The Fitness Muscle Blog

Any nutrition tips you can share or popular misconceptions that frustrate you?
There are so many, but this is what I say about nutrition tips – eat what God put on this earth where you can. Fruit, meat, vegetables, fish. I used to not eat fruit because of the sugar but I think that’s a big misconception. Limit processed foods and refined sugars; shop the parameters of the grocery store. Then where you’re still lacking the right proportion of nutrients, I’ll turn to my BSN supplements to go that extra step – right now I’m really into their new Syntha-6 Edge whey protein, which has just launched. It’s one of the cleanest on the market and the taste is insane.

The biggest thing that aggravates me is completely limiting and restricting certain food groups – that’s when you’re setting yourself up for failure. Balance is key and it should be everything in moderation. Look at food as fuel and put nutritious things in your body.

You’re a BSN Ambassador, how did that come about and what has it been like?
I’m going to tell you a great story! Sometimes I put something online ‘I’m taking this product’ – there’s always one person who says ‘you’re only saying that because you’re with BSN’ – but actually no, I started taking BSN supplements in 2006, three years before I was signed to them because I loved all their supplements. And I’m a believer – I think if you find a product you love, then you stick with it. So at the time I was taking NO Explode and the protein desserts and a few others, and it’s gone from there.
In 2009 I was working at a GNC convention, I’d just won a show and done my first magazine shoot. The next day I went up to BSN and said I love all your stuff, and I knew what I was talking about and was so passionate about the products I was taking. The guy gave me his card – the card said owner on it – and that’s how I started working with BSN. Pursue your passion!

What supplements can you recommend from BSN that you use?
I’d recommend the brand now Syntha-6 Edge in the UK – it’s not even out in the US yet it’s hot. The Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour is my favourite. It’s the new version of Syntha-6 and it’s the best protein ever for me – it tastes amazing and now the Syntha-6 Edge has less calories, less sugar, better macros and tastes even better! Forget any misconceptions about the taste of protein – Syntha-6 Edge takes away all of that – try it and you will change your mind. I use a lot of other BSN products but NO Explode is my number one go to product besides this.

An Interview with Amanda Latona My Gym The Fitness Muscle Blog

If you could go back in time what advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?
Wow. I would say knowledge is key and to get as much knowledge on what you’re studying so that you can train and know your body. Listen to your body, there’s so many misconceptions in fitness and they counteract each other. So listen to your body, train with intensity, treat food as fuel, stay in balance. Take one day at a time and just enjoy life, when something passes you by you can’t get it back – enjoy life to the fullest.

– An Interview with Amanda Latona

You can read more about Amanda on her website.

You can follow Amanda on Twitter @Amandalatona and she is an Ambassador for BSN, you can follow them here @BSNSupps_UK

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