Winter’s Coming

Prepare and stay motivated in the coming winter months –

Winter’s coming, yes I know were still slap bang in the middle of summer but with the Summer Soltice having already passed the nights are drawing in wether we realise it or not.  It won’t be that long before the summer sun fades to memory, the days become colder and longer and with it movitation begins to dip.

And it’s times like those when the dark nights and the cold weather is setting in, that all motivation to achieve the perfect summer body 2.0 can disappear and leave you disheartened.  A 6am run on a cold, dark morning is just not as appealing as staying in a cosy, warm bed.  So how can you motivate yourself keep fit this autumn & winter?

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Establish a routine.

If you promise yourself you’ll work out three times this week, with no definite plan, it isn’t going to happen.  Make sure to pick regular gym days and times as you are more likely to work out if it becomes part of your weekly routine.  Monday night could be reserved for work drinks, Tuesday gym, Wednesday movie night and Thursday gym again.

Set yourself a goal

Train for an event, so you have an end goal to work towards.  You could even work towards a personal goal, such as a distance to run or a weight loss target.

Do it together.

If you find a gym buddy, you will motivate each other to workout.  Once you’ve committed, you are more likely to stick to it, knowing someone else is relying on you.  You could even start a running group with friends, and it will be more fun if you think of it as a social event.  Joining a class with a friend or on your own will also establish a routine for your workouts.  You could even consider a boot camp day or weekend retreat, as offered by Prestige Boot Camp, who welcome all abilities and offer camps focusing on weight loss or fitness.

Warm up properly.

Make sure you spend longer warming up as your muscles will be stiffer and tighter in winter.  A good warm up will ensure you won’t injure yourself and pull a muscle.  However, you should always remember to cool down to ensure your muscles have time to recover.

Adapt your diet.

The sluggish winter feeling can be caused by the foods we eat as we reach for more comforting and warming meals.  In winter we crave stodgy foods like bread and pasta but cutting down on these will give you more of a boost.  Watch out for sugary breakfast cereals that give you a boost before you crash and lose motivation. Instead, reach for slow release energy breakfast options such as oats or porridge.  Introduce healthy energy smoothies and shakes into your diet.

Workout Inside

If the cold and dark are putting you off you could choose to workout inside.  If you aren’t a member of a gym, you can instead workout from the comfort of your own home.  You can follow free workout videos on YouTube that don’t require you to own any specialised equipment.

Invest in the right kit

If you are choosing to tackle the elements outside, make sure you have good quality winter active wear to keep you warm.  Invest in thermal leggings, gloves, headbands, the lot!  This will reduce the chance of injury and stop you catching a chill.  Opt for bright clothes so you can be seen more easily in the dark.

Hopefully, this has given you some tips to get motivated to workout in spite of the colder conditions.  Giving yourself a focus and establishing a routine are the key to success!

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