Three fitness trends that will revolutionise your workouts

Three fitness trends that will revolutionise your workouts

– Characterised by a sudden lack of enthusiasm for your normal fitness routine, the workout slump is the bleakest period a fitness addict goes through.

Now that the summer holidays are winding down and the dreaded ‘Bikini body ready?’ campaigns aren’t inciting fear every time you reach for a biscuit, it’s easy to lose motivation. And with long winter nights just around the corner, you know it’s only going to get easier to come up with an excuse to skip that post-work jog.

As annoying as a fitness slump is, it happens to the best of us. The good news is that it won’t last forever. We’ve put together a guide to three of the biggest fitness trends of 2016 that’ll revolutionise your workouts, and get your fitness back on track.

Take an online course

Re-entering education could be the push you need, and there are plenty of online providers offering courses for personal training accreditations.

Even if you aren’t looking for a career change, signing up to a taught course is a great way of re-introducing extra discipline into your life. Learning new information will keep your brain engaged, improve your focus and teach you more than a thing or two about taking your workouts up a level.

Use wearable technology

If you pride yourself on staying on top of technological advancements, you’ll have been hearing all about wearable tech recently. The fitness industry fell in love with the concept, and has come up with lots of innovative and practical ways to merge technology and traditional methods of working out.

Using GPS and heart rate monitors, trackers like the Fitbit or even your Apple Watch are constantly evolving. Introducing some of the latest gadgets to your running routine or gym sessions will help take your fitness back up a gear.

Start body weight training

Push-ups and planks have always been workout staples, but body weight training involves so much more than just these basic moves. Lately there’s been a big jump in the popularity of body weight training, as gyms repackage this familiar form of training into fresh and exciting classes.

TRX is a popular option. This uses a suspension rope to deliver an all-over body workout that several Victoria’s Secret Angels hold responsible for their supermodel physiques. Join a class that focuses on body weight training and you’ll be forced out of your slump – those instructors don’t accept any excuses!

The key to getting your health and fitness regime back on track is finding new motivation to push yourself even further than before. Start off with our suggestions and you’ll find yourself back in shape in no time at all.

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