The Real Secret To Keeping Yourself Motivated

Ever wondered what the real secret to keeping yourself motivated is?

We all have been there, the duvet or couch just feels too warm and cosy to leave for the harshness that can be a exercise regime. You know you should go, you know you will even feel better from doing it too but your mind and body seem to work against you even getting out of bed or off the couch. Before you know it the guilt is setting in and you seem to be missing more and more of your promised gym or fitness sessions in favour of whatever excuse your mind came up with at the time.  Eventually you might just give up and try nearer the time you have to squeeze into that swimsuit or do that promised charity run.

I don’t have a miracle cure as there isn’t one but I do have some handy tips which I use not only myself but with my clients to ensure we get done what we have to get done. These are for all areas of your life not just fitness, you just need to adapt them to what area of life you need to give a kick up your ass!

  1. Commitment is key here, commit to some small goals in your chosen fitness area. Increase with honesty your values into what you want from going. I would love to say my regime is health related but that’s secondary to the shallow vanity which is my most likely motivator. I can see the difference in my body from exercising and that feels good, the fact I also have more energy and feel healthier is also a wonderful benefit.
  2. Just do it, no matter what excuses or feelings your mind comes up with to not go, have your sports kit ready, shift your attention to either the present moment or onto auto pilot and carry on going anyway. Let the mind ‘blah blah blah’ all it likes about doing it later or tomorrow but stick to your commitment and just do it, 5 minutes later and you will be into it and on your way to feeling good from not giving in.
  3. Book a Personal Trainer and pay up front, relying on your own exercise regime to get you fit isn’t going to be anywhere near as effective as seeing an expert who will push you and make better use of your time. With financial losses at risk from not going, you are more likely to go and if you hate letting people down then go training with a friend too, motivate each other into sticking to your commitmentsThe Real Secret To Keeping Yourself Motivated My Gym Fitness Blog.
  4. As a mammal which seeks comfort your mind will scan the short term future looking for anything which might feel uncomfortable and let’s face it, exercise ain’t no walk in the park. It will use all sorts of distraction techniques and even being rebellious to trick you into staying comfortable. Be curious about those thoughts of distraction, when will they appear? What feelings will they use to try and get you not to bother? What contents do the thoughts have to distract or give you excuses not to go? Note them, but just like number 2, Just do what you had planned anyway.
  5.  All or nothing approaches are tempting for short term drastic fixes but they will drain you of any motivation to continue as it leads to being out of balance with life. Severe dieting and exercise regimes will just leave you resentful and heading towards yet another failure. Finding a realistic healthy eating plan and exercise regime which isn’t too hard to follow will make all the difference in the long run.

These are my top 5 tips, I will go more into some of these areas in future blogs to enhance your mind skills in making the most out of your exercise routines. If you have any questions you would like me to answer on here about the mind and exercise then contact me here.

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