The Fitbit Competitive Streak

The Fitbit Competitive Streak

– I received a Fitbit Workweek Hustle challenge from Mark, who with his partner Ryan thought it would be a bit of fun to see who would win.  Little did we know how that challenge would go as our competitive ego’s refused to be the loser at all costs.

The Fitbit Competitive Streak My Gym Fitness

The Workweek Hustle sounds quite simple, from 12am Monday to 11.59pm on Friday the Fitbit will record every step taken and place you on a chart marking your progress. The one who has done the most steps wins.

An alert popped up on my Fitbit app saying that Mark has tiptoed past me to take first place. “Oh really,” I smirked knowing I was running to the gym soon to notch up those steps.  I even ran a longer distance to get those numbers up as another message popped up saying Ryan was now on my heels.

Soon the dirty tactics were coming apparent, “Oi Sheppard” Ryan texted, “add your steps!” During the week we were holding back our steps until later on during the day to surprise our opponents. Walking late at night to add those last minute steps became a thing too. There was a surprising amount of satisfaction to see yourself vault over Mark and Ryan to take first place.  Alerts through the app flew back and forth taunting each other on being last pushing us even further.

The Fitbit Competitive Streak My Gym Fitness

As we raced to the end of the challenge, not only were we exhausted, but we were also getting much fitter.  Yes it was a fun challenge but more importantly it got us moving much more than we normally would. On average I do between 12,000 and 17,000 steps a day, during the challenge it was reaching over 30,000 in our determination not to lose.  Whilst that is a bit too much, regular challenges like this can really help motivate people who normally don’t move around too much.

As the ego hates losing this can be utilised quite nicely to ensure you are moving around at a reasonable rate per day, we should be aiming for around 10,000 per day.  Whilst you are not doing the challenge your stats are on a league table with friends you have invited to share your details with.  You can taunt each other and up those steps to be the winner for the week.  As it’s all good fun it does stimulate the part of you which knows it could be exercising more.  There’s something satisfying about the buzz you get through the Fitbit to let you know you have reached your daily goal.

If you struggle with motivation, get a few friends together and invest in a Fitbit, your health will love you for it, even if you do have to buy the winner of a challenge a drink.

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