New Year Intentions

New Year Intentions

– Ever wondered why you seem to start the new year full of energy and great intentions as you promise yourself a new body, health goals, job and a different life, only to lose that spark a few weeks later?

January at the gym will be full of fresh faces and lovely new gym kit during the first few weeks but will soon fall back by February to the same old faces who enjoy their work outs and that is the key.
The ones who go on a regular basis to the gym don’t tend to feel they “have” to go, they “want” to go instead which makes a huge difference to fitness goals.

Making yourself go can cause your mind to rebel and sabotage your efforts, the excuses begin to creep in and before long it’s been a week or two since you last went. The same goes for anything new you want to experience, I bet in your past if there was something you really wanted to achieve there was no stopping you. The only time we tend to self sabotage ourselves is when we have a conflict with what we say we want.

A good question to find out some possible conflicts is:

How do I benefit from my bad habit, fear, failure or avoidance?

One client had that light bulb moment where they realised that they had no excuse to avoid relationships if they lost weight. In their minds relationships were dangerous due to bad past experiences so being overweight meant a “safer” life in the short term. Long term it was more dangerous as it led to loneliness and that was the value we increased as well as confidence in themselves when dating.

Another realised that the success they claimed they wanted but was preventing to have a larger impact on their life than they wanted. By realising this they changed their goals to something much more realistic and of course found themselves making that happen.

Exploring possible subconscious reasons of self sabotage can be very revealing and liberating. Yes of course it seems mad that we would sabotage what we want.


One more thing to note is that willpower is like a muscle and can weaken so with that in mind it’s worth knowing when you are more likely to have the energy to invest in your chosen goals. For example I noted that if I went to the gym in the morning I had less energy for business goals in the afternoon. I swapped them over and now get much more done as getting out in the fresh air in the afternoon wakes me up and I feel fresh for the gym.

Don’t let 2016 be yet another year of failure, work out when it’s best to act on your goals and explore making that happen. After all if you don’t bother someone else who can be will simply take from you what is yours.

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