Look At Me

Look at Me

– “I’m too scared to go to the gym on my own,” A client recently confessed.
“Why?” I asked.
“Look at me,” he said, “I don’t look like the gym type do I?”

A brilliant bit of sabotage from his mind was preventing him going to the gym with a fantasy that when he went to the gym he would look out of place amongst guys who belong on the cover of a fitness magazine. To top it off whilst learning to exercise he would be doing it so badly he would be a laughed at and humiliated as well.

No wonder he was avoiding the gym and exercising in general as who wants to go through that type of experience, plus he also get’s to stay the weight he was. Sometimes it’s better to stay the way we are despite the need for change, better the devil you know can feel much safer no matter how much someone moans.

A reality check was needed here as gyms are hardly full of warriors from the film The 300 or Amazonian style women looking down on everyone else. It’s a diverse place full of different body types for one thing and also most people are too busy paying attention to their training to pay my client any attention. He’s not that important to notice no matter what his mind pretends will happen.

Lastly any person going to the gym needs to learn how to use the equipment and develop a training program to make each session count. I remember going to the gym and using countless machines without much progress because I was not targeting the right muscles the right way for the change I wanted. Getting some personal training under your belt will build up your confidence and create change in no time at all.

If going to a gym full of people is still too much for you at first have a look around for a private gym which offers affordable sessions. I go to Empower Fitness for my private personal sessions and to the Gym Group for the rest of the week for intensive cardio and weights from what I have learnt from my sessions.

If you suspect you are sabotaging your weight change goals then it is worth working with a therapist like myself to see what you might be subconsciously doing to stop your progress. After all life is too short to hold yourself back that way.

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