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I haven’t written for a while. Whilst I’d like to blame work and that my commute into London from Brighton everyday is tiring or that my job is incredibly busy and stressful let us address this for what it is. Being stuck in a rut.

And my god I have been stuck in a rut. Being blunter (read honest) I have had a bad routine day in and day out for many months now which manifested itself as drinking way to much beer, not exercising, not looking after my wellbeing and mental health, sleeping far too much and pretty much eating all the wrong foods.

It’s not been all bad however. I managed to run the Brighton Half Marathon this year and I am signed up for the Bedford Half at the beginning of September. I have run a little, just not a lot and not nearly what I should have.

Ultimately I’m a grown adult and take responsibility for my own actions.

Making mistakes and learning from them is an absolute positive thing but making mistakes and then repeating them time and time again is self destructive and needs to be addressed.


Now is an excellent time to look at addressing those negative habits. Many people find that a change in season can be a powerful motivational even spiritual mental boost.

Spring feels like it is finally here, it is brighter in the mornings and the days are longer. It’s the perfect time to become more active and to look at being more mindful of our own wellbeing. If, like me, you have been stuck in a rut then even the smallest change in our external environment can potentially motivate and inspire us to refocus and change direction.

Use this change in season, the warmer, brighter days to get up and get out there. Even if just for the shortest time. It’s a start.

For me it’s all about choosing a different direction to the one that I have been on. It’s not going to be straight forward or easy. With things like this there are no quick fixes, it’s about forming healthier habits. For the moment I still hate my body and I still feel depressed & anxious but i’ve made a start and at least that means it’s one less thing I can beat myself up over and one thing I can be positive with myself about.

Let’s get started.

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The Founder of MyGym, Adam is a keen runner having completed various half marathons, the Brighton Marathon and is currently training for the Berlin Marathon in aid of Macmillan.

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