Give up on Goals?

Give up on Goals?

– Change is hard, our minds love a little too much the comfort zones that it sets up for us and can find stepping out of those zones tiring. Part of our survival system is to conserve energy and the mind is very good at convincing us to start giving up on those health goals that at one time you felt super inspired to complete. It’s a wonder we get out of bed sometimes!

We are now skipping into March and how easy has it been to keep up with your goals and commitments in all areas of life? I tell clients that like salmon swimming upstream, getting to goals is hard and unless we have a really good reason to reach that goal then we are likely to drift to the side of the stream and stagnate in a rock pool as life passes by.

So what’s the answer?  The likelihood is that for most people the end goal can seem like a fantasy, we won’t look like the people gracing the covers of health magazines. Health goals doesn’t really motivate as much as we would like to think they should either despite how much better we claim we would feel if “healthier.” I believe an answer that works for many is to let go of the goal and focus on the journey instead. Committing to the journey, it’s obstacles, it’s set backs, it’s accomplishments and the pride felt in adding each day something to that journey no matter how small can lead you in directions you may never have thought of.

I don’t have an end goal in mind for the gym, I have no idea what will change body wise as I explore, experiment and enjoy the journey.  If I focused on any body goals and how far that seems away then it’s easy to feel tired, complacent and easily persuaded to give up.  As I am enjoying my fitness journey I don’t care about my goals so much, I am just enjoying the ride.

Maybe for some goals work, but if like many others they don’t work and end up just making you feel a failure and guilty, then maybe committing to the journey instead is better than focusing on the destination.

Let me know your thoughts!

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