Comfort Obsession

Comfort Obsession

– Some of the top reasons why people try and avoid the gym or exercising Include:

I think I have a cold

I’m tired

I don’t like it when it’s busy

It’s raining

I ache from last time / don’t want to ache tomorrow

I don’t feel relaxed there

It’s too hard

What if I don’t like it?

The problem I believe is that we are living in a world obsessed with making life as easy and as comfortable as possible.  Odd that despite that focus anxiety, stress and mental health related disorders are on the increase and there doesn’t seen to be any signs of that slowing down.  The we focus on comfort the more being uncomfortable becomes and issue and let’s face it gym workouts are not easy for a reason.  If you want results then sweating, aching and pushing yourself is going to be a part of your weekly routine, to go even further you have to develop a healthy approach to being more resilient.

I believe that if we don’t have an attitude of developing our resiliency then we will retreat from any activities which may feel uncomfortable and life more limited as we try and stick to ever decreasing comfort zones.  The consequences of comfort obsession are not pretty, the mind can brilliantly trick you into avoidance mode using excuses and feelings which turn you off doing things which are good for you in the long run.

Top ways to develop Resiliency

Resilient people tend to see difficult situations as a challenge with much to be gained from learning from mistakes made in the past and future. Failure to them doesn’t mean give up as they are rubbish, it says “ how can you be better?

Start trusting yourself by sticking to your goals and commitments in all areas of life. Being flakey and reinforcing that by not sticking to your commitments just enforces concepts of low self esteem. Start with small goals and challenge yourself to complete them regardless of how your mind will try and trick you to not bother and just give up.

Learn to manage your stress and anxiety in situations which could cause discomfort. Developing a stronger sense of confidence in your ability to handle negative emotions is liberating as what can hold you back in life if you can handle how you feel?

Try new things! A good example is eating the same old familiar comfort food. Try something different and get used to the possibility of not liking something as it could end up with you really liking something new.

Remind yourself of the times you overcame difficult obstacles and issues in the past. They have helped you grow, gain wisdom, get creative, motivate you and guide you in life. Denying yourself the risk of discomfort will rob your life if the energy it needs to flourish.

If you don’t bother developing your resiliency then there is the strong possibility that you will retreat from life and those who do bother will simply experience and take from you in life what could have been yours.

What do you risk losing if you keep trying to be comfortable?

If you would like help developing mind management tools for developing resiliency then contact me at The Life Doctor for more info.


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