Weight Loss In The Gym – What To Avoid

Weight Loss In The Gym – What To Avoid

– The intention to lose weight and actually losing weight are not the same. Of course, you must try or you’ll never achieve. But there’s the chance that despite your best intentions, a little lack of focus can mean that all of your hard work is in vain. So, stop carrying on and just hoping, instead let’s focus on your goals, and moreover help you achieve them.


You wouldn’t put unleaded petrol in a diesel car! Yet far too many people improperly fuel themselves for a workout (and afterwards) which means that they do not get the most from it.

Your diet outside the gym is probably more important to weight loss than your time spent in it, but that is another tale. Think, how can I get the most out of my workouts?

Eating the wrong type of food pre-workout can affect your performance and thus results. If your body is trying to digest food whilst trying to fuel your body with energy at the same time, you’ll get less energy for your routine. If your routine is cardiovascular based, think heathy wholesome carbs to fuel it – they are not your enemy. Avoid foods with refined sugars, and go for slow release carbs.

The Exercise

Plodding on the gym machines is not the best. You need to focus on how you exercise not just on which machines. Think of interval training where you vary from normal, to fast, to all out for set periods, alternating between these speeds. This is much more beneficial than a one pace plod for hours at a time.


When you are not relaxed the body produces cortisol, which promotes fat storage. Thus rest and relaxation are as important as the exercise itself. This doesn’t mean allowing yourself day after day of nothing, but vary the workouts, from interval to strength to endurance to allow the different muscle groups to repair.


We have all seen those who are at the gym, posing, talking or staring at their phones…there are no gains to be had here, well at least not fitness based. The gym isn’t a social club, you’re there to work, so get a sweat on. Sweat is the body’s sign of effort, and is a good thing. Ask yourself next time you leave the gym, did you really push it?


The body’s a wonderful thing, but its genius can also cause problems. After a while it adapts to your workout and the gains reduce. At this stage you’ll need to think about changing the routine, and incorporating different elements to keep the body on its toes. This doesn’t mean every week, but at sensible intervals. It will also refresh the most important muscle of all – the brain!


We often hear that despite attending the gym that things haven’t improved. Well here’s a thought, why not go more? Once or twice a week is okay, but that means all but about 165 (168 in a week) hours of the week are spent not in a gym.

Exercise can of course be taken elsewhere, using the stairs and not a lift, or walking the dog etc. but it does need to be done with regularity, and the more regular the better.

Having the intent change is great, and making a start even better. But rather than plateau, or lose interest due to a lack of results, a little focus on your workouts and also your time spent away from the gym (diet), will increase your chances of success. And with success comes happiness. Good luck.

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