The Tough Mudder Countdown

The Tough Mudder Countdown

– Well, we have less than two weeks till the London South event at Holmbush Farm in West Sussex and we are not as prepared as we should be. When I say ‘we’ I obviously mean me. The Tough Mudder countdown has begun.

‘We’ have approximately 12 miles to run and 20 + obstacles to tackle. It’s for charity so it’s all good. I am almost sure that the pain and the effort will be all worth it, besides it’ll be like running a marathon. An absolute nightmare to do but you don’t remember all that pain afterwards, just the achievement.

So, why am I not prepared? Life. Plenty of distractions getting in the way means I don’t personally feel as prepared as I could be. I’m sure i’m not alone in that feeling.

Luckily though the great thing about Tough Mudder though is that it is about team work, not the winning or the coming first (which there is no chance of anyway). Having the upper body strength of a seven year old means I am definitely going to be all about the team work. Not just all about it but counting on it to get across that finishing line.

Here’s the training plan that we have been following, kindly provided by Stuart Amory, Personal Trainer at For Goodness Shakes. It’s a six-week plan and were now entering the penultimate week.

The Training Plan

The training plan – click to enlarge.

As I have already mentioned we’re all doing this for charity and it’s a great cause, the Sussex Cancer Fund. The fund was established in 1981 to work with the NHS to create new and improved facilities providing the best possible cancer care for Sussex.

If you fancy sponsoring us, any amount received is very welcome, you can do so on our Just Giving page. Thanks!

We’ll be tweeting, posting pics of our suffering on the My Gym Instagram profile and Facebooking the event before, during and after. If you see us, give us a shout. In fact even better, give me a hand!

Bring On Tough Mudder - My Gym Fitness
With thanks to For Goodness Shakes for supporting us as Tough Mudder virgins!


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