The Benefits of Using a Foam Roller from Pure Power

The Benefits of Using a Foam Roller from Pure Power

So, a little while back before my trip to Mexico I was sent a foam roller from the lovely lot at Pure Power Products. Over the last two months I have been learning how to use it, it’s not just a case of rolling around on top of it, as with anything there is a skill to it. So I thought instead of writing another product review why not combine it with some hints and tips and training techniques that I have learnt as well.

Foam rolling has become a pretty widely-practiced activity – which is a great thing. But despite this increased popularity you still need to be aware of the different techniques that you use the roller for and whether it’s before or after your workout. Here are some common mistakes that you can avoid.

This is pretty straight forward and easy to remember. Slow movements are great to relax your muscles so should be done after a workout or run. Faster more vigorous movements should be done pre-workout to warm up and ready the muscles.

The Benefits of Using a Foam Roller from Pure Power

Simple fact is that textured rollers such as the Pure Power Foam Roller are what you should be using – definitely pre-workout.  A firm textured roller stimulates the body’s nerve endings more effectively and reach deeper into the muscle’s myofascial layers preparing the body for the activity you are about to undertake. Textured rollers also provide a superior post-workout roll.

The Benefits of Using a Foam Roller from Pure Power My Gym Blog

Pain Post-Workout not Pre-Workout
Generally speaking when using a roller you tend to focus on the painful areas and knots in your muscles trying to ‘work’ the knot out and getting the muscle to relax. This is the perfectly right thing to do, just save it for the post-workout roll and not before hand. Doing before hand triggers a neurological response in the brain reducing muscle performance in the painful area – it’s basically the brains way of protecting the muscle.

The majority of people will use a roller going with the muscle that their working – generally up and down motion. Doing this though means your missing a trick, try going ‘against the grain’ of muscle in a multi-direction or pivoting. Pivoting is a way to drive the roller a little deeper, engaging more layers of muscle.

The Benefits of Using a Foam Roller from Pure Power My Gym Blog

The Pure Power Foam Roller – Verdict

If you’re looking for a great designed well made versatile roller at a great price point then look no further. I’ve been really impressed with this roller, it has a good density environmentally friendly EVA foam whilst still being light if you need to carry it around with you. As I have already mentioned, the three dimensional grid technology on the out of the roller really helps work the muscles both pre and post-workout.


The Benefits of Using a Foam Roller from Pure Power My Gym Blog


The inside of the roller is made of a very strong sturdy core which doesn’t need replacing and allows for heavy repetitive use.  Add to that a lifetime guarantee and you really can’t go wrong with this roller. As an additional bonus when you purchase the foam roller you can also download a free e-book guide to help you get to grips with your new roller.

Highly Recommended.

The Pure Power Foam roller is available from Amazon

Foam Roller Guide

The Benefits of using a foam roller from Pure Power


Disclosure: This product has been gifted to me by Pure Power Products, however please be assured my reviews are always honest, unbiased and trusted – your respect and trust is of the utmost importance. Whether I love it or hate it, i’ll let you know.

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