Nipple Tape and Vaseline Marathon Training Week 12

Nipple Tape and Vaseline Marathon Training Week 12

– So we’re getting very close now to the race day, be it the London, Brighton or any other of the many spring marathons. We’ve pretty much covered everything that we need to in the previous posts; nutrition, training, kit, mapping out routes, trainers and being mentally prepared.

Now’s the time to smooth out any remaining kinks or niggles! Check your running kit, make sure it’s 100%, if it’s clothing there is still time to get a replacement if needed. Trainers I wouldn’t recommend changing so close to race day as they really do need to be run in.

Did I mention nipple tape and Vaseline? If you haven’t got any, get some! I use a normal zinc oxide dressing tape to cover the nips and trust me after running 26.2 miles with constant friction you’ll be glad you’ve invested the few pounds in it. I have seen runners approaching the line with red stains running down their tops & pain in their faces, it’s not a good look when crossing the finishing line!

Vaseline is also very important; rub it under your arms & groin area (basically where the friction & chaffing from your running kit is going to occur). Apply liberally even if it feels a little weird and uncomfortable at first; its another thing you’ll be glad you did towards the end of the race.

Here is the running plan for this week – nice, easy & relaxed tapering schedule.

Week 12Rest35 mins at marathon PaceRest3 m ile session, timedRest20 min runGeneral Preparation & morning practice run – 60 min at marathon pace

Most marathons take place in the morning, 9 am or thereabouts. Find out what time your run starts and use this week to get up in plenty of time so you can eat, use the bathroom, dress etc… And aim to set off running at the same time of the start of the actual race, consider these days as dry runs.

Good luck this week! Feed any comments back below or via our Twitter account of Facebook page.

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