Marathon Training Week 3

Marathon Training Week 3

Training is already under way, so find below the training plan for this week.

Week 3Rest30 min runRest30 min run incl. 8×30 sec sprintsRest35 min run1hr jog


The weather seems to be improving so now’s the time to be hitting the road and getting some outside running under your belt if you haven’t already.

I’m a great advocate for running outside. Treadmills are good if the weather is horrendous but running outside is just so much better. I find I have greater stamina when running outside, partly because there is so much more to look at than the gym floor but you also work more of your core, legs, ankles and feet on the varied running surfaces – inclines, declines and pot holes!

Which is why it’s so important to get the right running shoe when you venture outdoors. Getting the right shoe is the difference between personal best or injury, a great run or painful misery.

The Right Running Shoe

Finding the right pair of running shoes for the way you run is probably the single most important investment in your training you’ll make.

A simple guide to which type of running shoe you should be using is to do ‘The Wet Test’. This works on the basis that the shape of your wet footprint on either a piece of paper or dry floor will correlate approximately with the amount of stability you need when running.

Marathon Training Week 3 My Gym Fitness Running Blog

If you want to know more about Pronation (the inward rolling motion of the foot after it hits the ground) then there is a great page to read here.

For those taking running to a more professional level: you can have a Gait Analysis which studies the human motion in particular for runners the lower body, leg & footing motion while running. These are in-depth reports and can be quite costly (in comparison to the easy & free to do Wet Test) so only dedicated runners or those with persistent injuries or issues tend to invest in one.

A small detail that can make a big difference are socks. Often overlooked but to cut down on blisters and sore feet the correct socks are just as essential as the right running shoe, by the way, when buying running shoes don’t forget to try them on with running socks to get the ideal fit. Running socks are especially designed for (funnily enough) running and improve the support inside the shoe.

Marathon Training Week 3 My Gym Fitness Running Blog

I can’t stress enough that it is vital to buy a great quality running shoe, take the time to get the right fit for the type of runner you are and invest the money in a decent brand, for example Saucony. The investment will pay dividends and assist in shaving seconds off your running time.

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