Marathon Training Keep on Running Week 5

Marathon Training Keep on Running Week 5

Time is moving on and race day is starting to get closer, from something that was comfortingly months and months away to a goal that is now appearing on the horizon getting closer much quicker than you anticipated, and yes, I am talking from experience here, nothing to do about it but to keep on running.

Hopefully, you’ve been putting in the road thumping miles & hours so that you’ll be ready come race day, if however like me you’ve been a little hit and miss now is the time to dig deep, head down and to just get on with it!

Week 5 is set out with smaller runs during the week, use these to try and quicken your pace and find a speed you’re happy with. Sunday is the biggest one so far, with a 2 hour run. Try & maintain your normal pace but if you do need to slow down now & again don’t get disheartened. Keep moving, recover and then carry on.

Week 5Rest35 min runRest35 min runRest35 min run2 hour jog

To help with the longer run always plan out your journey in advance, there are plenty of sites where you can do this, use Google to find them. However, my preferred favourite as I’ve mentioned before is WalkJogRun which not only allows you to create your own route but also has thousands on runs already saved for you by other runners, great if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Also make sure to carry a water bottle with you, the shorter timed training sessions it isn’t so important but on these hour plus sessions you need to keep hydrated. It’s vital for your running performance and obviously for your health!

Marathon Training Keep on Running Week 5 My Gym Fitness Blog

Have a great week, feel free to comment or tweet me with how you’re getting on.

Next week I’ll be discuss nutrition while.

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