Marathon Training Going the Distance

Marathon Training Going the Distance – Week 9

So this coming week is the big one & it’s all about going the distance, the 20 mile run! Here’s the training plan for the week with Sunday being the challenging day.

Week 9Rest40 min runRest3 x 1mile run, timed with 3 min walk after each runRest30 min run20 mile run (Jog)

So, like last week these are the weeks you’ll be going the distance and putting in the real miles to build up not just your body but also your mental stamina & endurance to cope with the long distances & miles to be covered.

Start at race pace on the Sunday but if you need to (don’t be deterred if you do) take it slow then do, just try not to stop, keep moving & control your breathing as we talked about in last week’s post.

This week is really just an extension of everything you did last week, so re-fine what you learned from the 16 mile run. What worked for you & what didn’t – now is the time to perfect it before you have to run the 26.2 miles. The goal is to be as prepared as possible for the big day, not only physically fit and mentally but also in terms of kit, nutrition & hydration.

Next week the big Sunday run will be a shorter distance but at a faster pace – we’ll also discuss the right clothing to wear on the day and if compression kit really does help you in going the distance.

As always, please feedback how your training is going. Have a good week!

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