Marathon Training Essential Exercises Week 4

Marathon Training Essential Exercises Week 4

This week I’m going to focus on the essential warming up and cooling down exercises, now that the running we are doing will become longer and more frequent in the coming weeks it really is important to get into the habit of doing these exercises to cut down on the risk of injury and aid recovery.

Before that though, here’s the running schedule for this week – feel free to run for longer on the 35 minute runs if you’re hitting a good pace and feel like you can continue. These schedules are designed with beginners in mind but you can tailor them to your own level of fitness & experience. The key runs in the coming weeks will always be on a Sunday however with Monday as a rest and recovery day.

Week 4 Rest35 min runRest35 min runRest35 min run8 mile jog

Essential Exercises

Warming Up

  1. A good warm up should increase your heart rate ready for a strong running start
  2. Focus on calves, quads and glutes but don’t forget the shoulders and neck as on the longer runs, these will be feeling some pain too.

Exercises to consider are knee hugs, calf raises & lunges, take your time on these using controlled motion, good form (no jerking) and keeping your breathing focused, centred and core strong.  10 minutes of these exercises should be enough to elevate your heart rate, body temperature and muscles so that your body and mind are focused for the goal ahead.

Cooling Down

  1. Don’t stop moving! When you have finished your run walk briskly for 10 minutes to cool down and keep circulation consistent, allow breathing to recover with deep controlled breaths – resist the urge to pant and gasp for breath, stay focused throughout. Also don’t be tempted to down a whole bottle of water, take regular sips instead.
  2. After walking to cool off perform some static stretches to aid muscle recovery, prevent soreness and relax the body.

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