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We’re now going to be getting into some serious distance & prep for race day so this week is all about Marathon Training Endurance.  You should have done up-to or around the Half Marathon distance (13 Miles) & now after a week of relatively light training it’s time to push yourself even further.

This week & next we’ll be going to 16 miles with next week being the big one of 20 miles! Don’t be deterred, it’s going to hurt, you’re going to want to quit but this will be the test to find out what you’re made off physically & emotionally.

Here’s this week’s workout:-

Week 8Rest3 x 1mile run, timed with 5 min walk after each runRest40 min runRest40 min run16 mile run (slow pace)

With the endurance training the key word is FOCUS. At some point you’re going to hit a sticking point, probably more than once to be honest. At this point you’ll want to stop, walk a little, turn around or just quit out right & get a bus or taxi home.

The key to not doing any of those things is to find focus, focus away from the pain and on to something else so that you won’t stop moving & complete the run.

One key way to help achieve this is breathing. If ever you’re feeling tired, legs are cramping & you feel like you can’t go on, focus on your breathing – even if you’re not out of breath or don’t have a stitch. A great trainer I has taught me this on a grueling 20 mile run I recently did; take three deep breaths – inhaling through the nose, pause for a couple of seconds then exhale loudly through your mouth. Focus on the breathing to slow it down, relax the body & centre your mind. Every time you grown or moan about hurting then do the three deep breathes.

It really does work in helping combat fatigue both physically but also mentally which at more than one point in a marathon or long endurance run is going to be more than likely what will slow you down if not stop you.

As always, be prepared on a run of this length; take water with you, ideally something designed for runners like an isotonic drink. Also take a couple of bananas & some chocolate (Snickers or Mars for example) to give you an energy boost & help fight off fatigue.

Keep yourself mentally occupied, either with music or playing a game while running – trying to read car number plates as quickly & far away as possible might sound silly but you’ll be amazed when running for 3+ hours what will entertain you!

Good luck & let me know how you get on!

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