Kiq the Fancy Gym Equipment

Kiq the Fancy Gym Equipment

– Joining the local gym might seem like a great way to lose weight and get in shape, but it can be intimidating for a lot of people.

The moment you first walk into your local gym you’re spoilt for choice. With so much complicated-looking gym equipment to choose from, it can be easy to get discouraged.

Where do you start? Do you head straight for the leg extension machine? The hyper extension bench? The variety of choice can be daunting, which is why a lot of people choose to stick with what they know, which is usually the stationary cycle and the treadmill. The problem with this, however, is that it means you’re not getting the workout your body needs.

But don’t worry: grappling with elaborate gym equipment isn’t the only way to get yourself into shape. Why not Kiq the fancy gym equipment and use a Kiqplan fitness programme instead?

How does Kiqplan work?

A Kiqplan app is a fitness app with a difference: it’s like having your very own personal trainer and nutritionist all rolled into one digital coach.

You’ve probably heard about fitness trackers which monitor your activity levels, but in many cases that’s all that they do. Kiqplan connects to an activity tracker and uses this information to create a health and fitness programme that’s tailored to the individual, putting all that activity data to good use, and helping you to actually act on it.

The 12 week fitness plan includes exercise videos that are sent directly to your mobile device. So all you need to do is get hold of some basic weights and a mat, and you can work out in the comfort of your own living room.

As well as having the expertise, guidance and motivation of a personal trainer in the palm of your hands, you will also be given healthy recipes that will keep you energised and on target to meet your weight loss goals.

A kick up the backside when you need it most

At a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer, Kiqplan motivates you by tracking your progress throughout the course of the 12 week programme. When you’re hitting your targets, you’ll be given a virtual pat on the back in the form of a performance badge. But when you need a kick up the backside, Kiqplan will let you know!

Kiqplan also comes with motivational and informative daily tips, to keep pushing you further. The lifestyle advice provided by Kiqplan has been put together by experts, so you can be confident that the changes you’re making are having a positive effect on your overall wellbeing.

Choose the plan that works for you

Choosing the right Kiqplan programme for your needs will give you guidance on the exercise you need to do, in the form of easy-to-follow workout videos, that require none of the usual complex gym equipment, just a pair of basic hand weights, and a body mat.

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Get social

Working out in the gym can be at times isolating. With Kiqplan, however, you can share your progress with other Kiqpals and encourage each other along the way.

There are a variety of different programmes to choose from:

● Slim + Trim

● Beer Belly Blaster

● Fit + Healthy

● Your First 5K

● 10K Run Ready

● Bikini Hot

● Sun’s Out, Guns Out

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or just live a healthier life, you won’t need to go to the gym to ‘feel the burn’. Getting stronger, fitter and healthier doesn’t have to involve grappling with overly complicated gym equipment. All you need is the very basics, your mobile phone and the willpower to achieve your goals.

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