How to use an electric bike to get back into fitness

How to use an electric bike to get back into fitness

The most common sports injuries for men typically revolve around the legs, from knees to ankles and sprains to breaks. As these injuries are common, taking you out of both sport and exercise for some time, you can quickly become frustrated.

If you have a serious injury then your time off will be extended further by rehabilitation time. This period in particular can be frustrating because, though the injury is fixed, you will have lost muscle strength. When you try to rush into exercising again, you will likely do more harm than good.

Electric bike manufacturer, Eco Expedition Electric Bikes, have recently created their own contender for the ebike marketplace. What they have found is that there are considerable numbers of men using an electric bike to aid recovery after leg and back injuries.

So, how can you use an electric bike to get back into fitness?

Use the pedal assist to ease muscle growth

There are two types of electric bike, one that uses a moped-like motor – meaning you don’t pedal and instead use the electric power, and pedal assist. The Eco Expedition Electric Bike uses a pedal assist motor which, as you might expect, adds extra power to each turn of your pedals.

Using this function, you will able to enjoy normal cycling but be able to use the motor to help on hills and over long distances where you could easily overdo it and set back your recovery. By having the option of adding pedal assist during more difficult parts of cycling routes, you will be able to strengthen your muscles at a pace that suits them.

Have an ebike that looks and works like a mountain bike

One of the biggest advantages of modern electric bikes is that many look like regular bikes. You won’t have to be saddled with something that looks like a 60s version of a future bike, all chunky parts with weighty materials.

The Eco Expedition Electric Bike, like a number of other more modern ebikes, uses real mountain bike parts. This means two key things.

First, that you can use it as a mountain bike across varied terrain. Whether it’s riding the bike across town, through fields or across countryside hills, you can enjoy the same biking you would if you weren’t recovering but with less strain.


Second, you are able to easily replace parts at your local bike stores. Rather than using bespoke pieces that mean you have to send your ebike to a specialist every time you puncture a tire, many newer ebikes use real traditional bike parts. The electric motor is fitted within the frame and hidden within a water bottle shaped container for easy attachment and recharging.

Using an electric bike is a great way to ease yourself back into fitness after an injury. While working within your own time to gain strength back into weakened limbs, you can still start doing some exercise and getting outdoors – avoiding the irritation of being stuck inside.

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