Has the Ethos of Gym Clothing Changed?

Has the Ethos of Gym Clothing Changed?

–  For many years, gym clothing has been a long way behind high street fashion. High street fashion moves fast and is often edgy and fun while gym clothing was often seen as just a poor relative that received very little attention. That meant that regular exercisers really just had to “make do” with clothing that was either functional but unattractive or looked good but wasn’t really up to the task. Thankfully, that has all changed and today’s style-conscious exerciser can have workout clothes that look good and also perform well! So, what changes have there been in workout wear? Let’s take a look…


Workout clothes, in the past, were traditionally made of cotton and other natural fabrics. Cotton is breathable but is also absorbs a lot of water and can be stiff and restrictive. Combined with the fact it also takes a long time to dry, it’s not exactly the ideal material for functional workout wear.

In contrast, modern gym clothing is made from highly technical materials such as Lycra which wick sweat away from your skin and also look good. They are fast drying and look great even after repeated wearing and washing – unlike that old standard cotton t-shirt which soon starts to lose its shape and fade.


Whether you are looking for men’s gym wear or women’s gym wear, there is an exercise clothing style that will suit your workout, body shape and personality! Gone are the days of one style fits all – there is now an abundance of choice so you can dress exactly the way you want to for your workouts. Gym & bodybuilding clothing is no longer the poor relative of high street fashion and the materials and styles that started life in the gym have now made it out onto the high street and often lead the way in terms of innovation and mass appeal.



With the exception of screen printing and embroidered logos, most old-school t-shirts, shorts, and other workout wear is usually made up from a single or very few colours. This meant that opportunities for self-expression were pretty limited – unless you actually liked tie-dyed clothing of course!

Modern workout wear comes in so many colours that there is absolutely no reason to confine yourself to plain, boring designs ever again! And unlike cotton, which often fades, modern fabrics really hold their colours which means they look good not just for today but after repeated workouts and washings.


It’s not only the ethos of gym clothing that has changed, gym accessories have changed too. There are now lots of ways you can accessorise your workout wardrobe with items designed specifically for the gym. Options include great gym bags, sweat towels, workout gloves, hats, lifting belts and wrist straps. Adding any of these accessories to your exercise wardrobe will only enhance your workout.

So, has the ethos of gym clothing changed? The answer is a resounding yes! Modern fabrics, great designs, more and brighter colours and made for fashion as well as function means that gym clothing is almost unrecognisable compared to a few short years ago. If you think it’s time to update your workout wardrobe, check out our superb range of specially designed workout wear for men and women, only at ANAX.

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