Happy Belated New Year

– Happy Belated New Year. Yes I know I am late with this, not even fashionably late, just very late. Sorry. As you might have noticed I haven’t exactly been prolific with my blogging lately. Actually at all. Again, sorry.

So, what have I been up to & why haven’t I been blogging? Well, I’d really like to say that my life has been so full & amazing. That everything has moved on leaps & bounds for me that I just simply didn’t have a single moment in my new jet-set life in the entire last four months to fit in a single blog post.

I’d like to be able to say that.

Fact is, it wasn’t like that at all. Work & home life was allowed to get in the way of my training & interests. It happens to all of us at some time or another. Perfect excuses such a Man-Flu also took its toll on me for a good couple of weeks as well as a persistent chest infection. Both of which completely stopped me from running, thankfully they have now cleared up though.

I also celebrated a milestone birthday, my 40th, with a week-long trip to NYC eating & drinking far too much but loving every second of it. Then a celebratory weekend in London with my BFFs (I know I shouldn’t be using that phrase at 40) followed straight after. Then Christmas. So basically for the whole month after weeks of ill health and inactivity was then spent drinking, eating and more drinking.

I am now fat, officially obese.


Happy Belated New Year
Yep, drinking again.
Happy Belated New Year
Katz’s Deli – NYC – Probably the smallest meal I had the whole trip.

So to 2017

It’s back to square one, time to get motivated again and not allow myself to become distracted from my fitness & training goals.

Last year I became Level 2 Gym Instructor qualified and this year I’ll continue that with the Level 3 Personal Trainer course I have enrolled on. I have six weeks to get ready for the Brighton Half Marathon (wish me luck) and I desperately need to shed some fat and drop about 10% body fat.

No time like the present I guess, better get on with it.

What are your fitness or self-improvement goals for 2017?

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The Founder of MyGym, Adam is a keen runner having completed various half marathons, the Brighton Marathon and is currently training for the Berlin Marathon in aid of Macmillan.

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