Gym Bag Essentials: Items to Bring to Your Gym Session

Gym Bag Essentials: Items to Bring to Your Gym Session

– When hitting the gym, it’s understandable that you want to bring as little as possible, unless you also shower and change at the facilities.
But there are a few things that you really should bring with you each and every time you hit the weights: two gym towels, a water bottle, protein bar, headphones and deodorant.


More and more gyms opt out of offering gym towels to their members, and even if they did you would want to bring your own. A towel is extremely handy when working out, not only do you wipe the sweat from your face and body, but you also wipe clean any machines you use and so leave them nicer for the next person. Get a small hand towel for your face, and a smaller one for wiping off sweaty seats.

Water bottle

During rigorous workouts it’s essential to keep hydrated. By bringing your own you make sure you don’t get caught without – a disaster for any gym session! Sip regularly before, throughout and after each session and you’ll aid flexibility and endurance.

Protein bar

After the workout it’s great to have an extra boost of protein and carbs to recover some energy quickly. This leaves you more energised on your way home, and after training protein can help with muscle building.


To really get in the zone when training, music can be very beneficial. Cut out distractions and get pumped with the right tunes. A pair of Bluetooth headphones will help remove tangled wires, but may be limited by battery life. Keep them charged up to enjoy the music that will see you through the pain barrier.


Unless you are showering at the gym, pack some deodorant to spare your fellow man from your odour! It will also make you feel more fresh after the workout, even if you do not shower until you get home.

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