Goodbye love handles: do’s and don’ts to losing that stubborn belly fat

Goodbye love handles: do’s and don’ts to losing that stubborn belly fat

– There’s no secret to it at all: losing the beer belly is a case of dedication, healthy eating and a little sweat. It’s not as hard as it all sound but you’ll have to commit to some changes if your lifestyle if you want to shed the pounds durably and be able to show off that six packs.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to target one single area of the body when you feel like you should lose weight, unless you are ready to splurge on a laser liposuction. Your only option is to think globally and lose weight overall thanks to conventional methods, while avoiding the three following common mistakes among people looking to shed the pounds:

  1. Don’t use a slimming belt

Slimming belts claim to be able to make you sweat out double the calories while working out, focusing on the abdomen area. This is of course impossible to prove and highly doubtful. What’s more, it can actually do some real damage and dehydrate you too much, so much so that your body won’t have the time to adapt. You’ll end up with a crap workout and more time needed for to recover until the next.

  1. Don’t focus on the wrong muscles

Keep your abs tight by working out the right muscles: you want to keep the tonicity without bulking up. Always make sure the exercise is appropriate for the wanted result.

  1. Don’t use slimming pills

Slimming pills and laxatives are not only expensive, they can also be very dangerous for your health. To lose weight healthily, there is no miracle cure and only one simple principle to follow: eat less and exercise more.

  1. Do eat a balanced diet

Don’t hesitate to ask for a nutritionist’s advice if you want to make sure to stay on track, especially after years of erratic eating. Also remember that everyone’s metabolism is different so what works for you food wise might not sit so well with others.

  1. Do the right exercises

You can lose weight overall with thrice weekly sessions of cardio work, but if you want to focus a bit more on the muscles in your abdomen area, you can try series of burpees and jumping rope exercise. Traditional abs workouts won’t actually make you lose weight, but they will help you redefine the area. Burpees and jumping rope sessions should last about 10 to 15 minutes to be truly efficient, every day if you want faster results.

Goodby Love Handles Burpee Challenge

  1. Do persist

You won’t be able to see noticeable changes overnight: this is a long term goal that you will achieve with regularity, and will power. Yes, you can!

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