Flexing career muscles — 5 cool health and fitness jobs

Flexing career muscles — 5 cool health and fitness jobs

If health, fitness and nutrition are already lynchpins of your lifestyle, it’s natural to pursue a career that’s inspired by your passions.

Becoming a gym PT is an obvious choice and a good one too — it’s a rewarding profession with lots of flexibility and the opportunity to specialise in diverse subsectors as you progress.

But the knowledge that health and fitness fanatics amass can also be transferred to a range of job roles in more diverse industries than you might imagine.

If you’re flexing your career muscles, here are five cool health and fitness roles.

  1. Army PT

You’d probably struggle to find a profession where physical fitness is prized more than the Army.

So if you’re passionate about coaching military personnel to reach peak performance, becoming a Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructor could be very fulfilling.

Ensuring male and female troops are as prepared as possible for combat must be one of the most important jobs around.

  1. Nutritionist

No physical fitness regime can be sustained long-term without being supported by a healthy diet.

So training to be a qualified nutritionist provides you with the expertise to help people from all walks of life eat the most appropriate foods to fuel their goals.

Nutritionists work with everyone from athletes to the elderly and corporate clients to public health bodies — it’s a diverse and dynamic field.

  1. Healthcare manager

If you want to combine healthcare expertise with leadership smarts, becoming a manager in the health and social care sector is demanding but rewarding.

You can fast-track your progress by earning a distance learning Healthcare Management MSc and studying disciplines like global leadership and organisational transformation before submitting a major project — the perfect prep for your career ahead.

Using soft and strategic skills to enable healthier outcomes for the masses on a grand scale is definitely a noble endeavour.

  1. Reiki Instructor

Reiki is an alternative healing therapy where a practitioner channels cleansing energy into a patient by means of touch alone — triggering natural healing processes that fine-tune physical and emotional wellbeing.

If you’re a Reiki fan, you might want to spread its therapeutic potential further — so training to become a therapist with the UK Reiki Federation is a natural next step.

Once you’re qualified, you can use your newly-developed powers to heal humans and animals alike.

  1. Stunt person

When you’re fit as a butcher’s dog and are mad about movies, stunt work can be awesomely appealing.

So completing a live action stunt training course with the British Action Academy could lead to an explosive, action-packed career.

It’s the UK’s only health and safety approved stunt course and will teach you all of the rope work, fight techniques and break falls necessary to join the JISC stunt register and make your mark on the large and small screen.

So there are five cool health and fitness jobs that should help you flex your career muscles — get ready to spring up the employment ladder like a mountain goat today.

Do you work in health and fitness? Share your employment tips in the comment section.

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