Final Countdown to Race Day

Final Countdown to Race Day

– Here’s the final week in our training guide and it’s all about leading up to race day! If you’re training for the London marathon then you can view last weeks post for you here as this post applies more to those doing the Brighton marathon this coming weekend.

Congratulations on all the hard work that you’ve done in getting ready for the big day.

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Take it really easy for the rest of this week: no alcohol, eat well & plenty of sleep. Rest up the day before with nothing more than a light short jog in your running kit and try to get an early night. Have your race kit all prepared and alarm clock set. Carb load the evening before with white pasta and some chicken maybe, but mainly pasta. In the morning have a decent but light breakfast such as cornflakes with some water; also try to take an electrolyte replacement tablet dissolved in water to ensure you’re as hydrated as possible beforehand.

Carry some ISO energy gels during the race & without it sounding a little weird avoid taking sweets from strangers! I say this purely because you need to pace yourself and while the energy rush will feel great the crash will not. Raisins are great to carry around with you as you can take them throughout the race to maintain energy levels and the natural sugars are better for you.

Starting off, avoid running too fast at the beginning, resist the temptation to keep up with other runners – keep to your pace, if it helps try and zone out with music for the first few km’s until you have your pace and breathing set. That way you’ll be passing the runners that sped off a few miles down the line.

Write your name on your running top, the encouragement from the crowd in the final few miles will lift you like nothing else.

Finally, remember to enjoy it! You’ve worked hard to be there, so enjoy the race, the crowd and the euphoria of crossing that finish line. The aching, pain & discomfort will pale into insignificance when you’ve got that medal in your hand.

Congrats & Good Luck!

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The Founder of MyGym, Adam is a keen runner having completed various half marathons, the Brighton Marathon and is currently training for the Berlin Marathon in aid of Macmillan.

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  1. May 27, 2015 at 9:44 am — Reply

    Great tips here! Thanks for sharing.

    A lot of people don’t really understand the amount of planning, and hard work prior to the actual race/marathon!

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