Countdown to a Marathon The Long Road Ahead

Countdown to a Marathon The Long Road Ahead

So it’s time to get serious about training for the Marathon & with just 12 weeks to go I’ve got a lot of work to do. If, like me, you’re planning on running a race this spring and being honest haven’t done the prep yet then now is the time to get fully in to it – any later and you’ll be increasing your risk of all types of injuries and failure.

Some people have trained all year for the big day but don’t let that put you off – others, like me, would have left it to the last minute to begin training (with the weather and festive season being perfect excuses) but if you have three months or so to your race day then you can be ready in time.

My training plan for this week (for someone with limited running experience) is as follows.

Week 1Rest30 min run (jogging pace)Rest30 min run (jog)Rest30 min run (jog)1 Hour run (Comfortable pace)


This is an easy warm up week to get your body prepared and ready for the harder training sessions that will follow. It’s an ideal time to start running with New Year’s resolutions still fresh in your mind. Starting slow like this allows you to get into the routine of running, what works best for you and build your running confidence. For example, are you a morning, afternoon or evening runner? What do you run in – is it warm enough, too warm? Do you run with music or not?

Countdown to a Marathon - The Long Road Ahead My Gym Fitness Blog

It’s been found in studies that people who listen to music during training have greater stamina & endurance – does your race allow you to use personal audio devices? It’s great training with music to keep you motivated but if you’re not allowed it during the race that could hinder your performance on the day.

There are 101 things that will affect your training so take this week to get as many of these bedded in, planning is key. Another thing to think about is your running route, a great website to help is where you can plan your route down to the meter.

In the coming weeks we’ll not only focus on running, both cardio & endurance training, but also focus on building up the leg muscle groups and strengthening the core & lower back to reduce the chances of injury.

We’ll look at kit and specifically the right trainers for your running style, winter running wear and the tools available to help you train better.

Enjoy the training, find your feet and look forward to the comings weeks and race day itself. Let me know how you get on and any hints or tips you might have to share either via our Facebook page or via Twitter @MyGymCOUK

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The Founder of MyGym, Adam is a keen runner having completed various half marathons, the Brighton Marathon and is currently training for the Berlin Marathon in aid of Macmillan.

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