How To Stay Motivated This Summer & Achieve Your Fitness Goals

How To Stay Motivated This Summer & Achieve Your Fitness Goals

– If you have been going to the gym for a while now then I am sure that this time of year always proves to be one of the most challenging. As we get closer and closer to summer, we can often find that our motivation starts to falter. Those after-work gym sessions quickly turn into a session down the pub with colleagues and all of the hard work that you have put in over the winter months has been for nothing.

While life is most certainly for living, and we all need to let ourselves go at times and enjoy ourselves, how many serious gym rats do you know who regularly skip sessions and have actually managed to maintain their gains? Exactly. It just doesn’t happen.

If you really want to reach your potential then you need to stop looking for excuses and actually focus your efforts and energy on the gym. We all like to wolf down a beer or burger every now and then, but when you over-indulge, you are simply taking a step backwards and neglecting what is important to you.

If you are finding it a struggle to stay motivated as we head towards the summer months, then take look at our top tips to keep yourself motivated and get the results that you deserve.

Get into a Routine

According to scientific research it takes approximately 66 days to form a habit and this is exactly what you need to be doing. Try to find a time that is convenient for you to go to the gym on a regular basis and stick to it. Once you get into a routine you will find it much easier to continue to stay motivated as the month’s progress.

Ideally you should be looking to hit the gym first thing in the morning for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the gym will be quieter at this time compared to the late-afternoon or early evening when everybody has finished work. There is something more inspiring about a quieter gym; you are able to get on with your workout without interruptions or having to wait for a piece of equipment to become free. There is also something about being up and lifting weights while everyone else is in bed that will make you feel pretty awesome.

How To Stay Motivated This Summer & Achieve Your Fitness Goals
Become an early riser to achieve more

Don’t Accept Continuation

If you find that you are really struggling for motivation, then take a look at your body. Can you honestly say that you are 100% happy with what you have achieved so far? If you have managed to achieve a body that you are happy with, take a close look at it to remind yourself of all hard work that you have put in so far. Ask yourself, is it really worth giving up on everything that you have achieved far?

Another tip that works well is to find a photo of yourself before you started hitting the gym and keep it in your wallet or purse to remind yourself of just how far you have come. You will also certainly find that this will push and motivate you when times are hardest.

Change It Up

Sometimes all we need to do to rekindle our motivation is to change things up a little and challenge ourselves. This can be something as simple as shaking up your workout and trying something new. Those of us who have been going to the gym for any length of time will be aware of how easy it is to lose your motivation when you do the same things over and over again.

Take some time to go online and find a workout that fits with your goals and current experience, there are 100’s of workouts out there for you to choose from. You will be surprised just how much extra motivation you can muster when you actually challenge yourself rather than simply going through the motions.

How To Stay Motivated This Summer & Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Make it Your Life

While this one is not going to be realistic for everyone, if you are a student then it could be ideal for you and help to bolster your CV at the same time. There are numerous opportunities for summer work in the field of sport and fitness that will ensure that you no longer have any excuses for not going and indulging yourself with some exercise.

Why not ask around at your local gym if they have any part-time summer work available? There are numerous gyms that run sports camps at various points throughout the summer and they are a great way to meet like-minded people, while earning money and improving your CV. Or if you are feeling a little more adventurous you could apply for one of the many summer sports camps both here in the UK and overseas.

Have Fun

We have already discussed the fact that it is hard to keep yourself motivated during the summer months and that is why you should ensure that you have as much fun as possible. However, having fun does not need to mean drinking as much alcohol as possible or gorging on fast food. Get some of your mates together and have a kick about in the park or playing cricket together; this can be a perfect opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and indulge in a few beers without going overboard!

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