5 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Fitness Professional

5 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Fitness Professional

Working as a fitness professional can be a very satisfying job, helping people to improve their physical condition, handle physical issues or even working with professional athletes.  But it isn’t just a case of doing a few Zumba classes or chatting with people about the ideal gym routine.  Here are five things you need to know before becoming a fitness professional.

The class is just one part of the process

It may seem like a fitness professional turns up to conduct a class and it just all falls together.  It does this because they put the work in behind the scenes to make sure everything works correctly; the class is suitable for the people attending and that it is interesting and fun.  This means there is more work than just teaching the classes.

You are your own product

Because you are your own product, this means you need to keep to the approaches that you teach your clients.  This means that your own fitness and health have to be top notch or otherwise people will be sceptical you can help them.  This can take some balancing as there are the needs of running the business as well as having some downtime.  So you need to be very organised.

You need to keep learning

While being a fitness professional means you are always learning on the job, it can be a good idea to plan some additional training into your business plan.  There are lots of ways you can improve yourself that benefits your business – everything from business management to botox training to working with a specialist in some area of fitness.

Perfect your motivation skills

Motivating someone isn’t just about shouting at them until they do what you want – remember, people, are paying you for the services!  That means you need to learn a wide range of motivation skills so that you can help people who respond in different ways.  One time you need to be an army drill sergeant while another you need to be a stern friend.

Expect that some people won’t succeed

You will go into the job with the confidence that you can help everyone but be prepared for the odd person who you can’t help.  There are lots of reasons for this, physical and mental, but you need to learn how to handle this.

Don’t take it too personally and learn to move onto the next person you can help.

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