4 Reasons Sailing is the Best New Workout

4 Reasons Sailing is the Best New Workout

When people think workout, the last thing they probably think is sailing. This fun activity is largely regarded as a hobby or something relaxing to do, however it is much harder than people think. In fact, sailing uses strength and endurance to navigate the boat and when battling against the natural elements, it can be a monstrous work out. This team building activity can actually help you get toned whilst having fun in the sun, making sailing a fantastic sport in which you exercise without even realising!

Sailing Starts at the Heart

Would you associate sailing with being a strenuous activity? Many wouldn’t. But sailing is a brilliant (and tough) alternative way to improve your cardio. From leaving a harbour to setting the sails, you won’t find yourself sitting down or relaxing for long. Not to mention the off-boat activities like snorkelling and swimming! Engaging in tough physical activities can increase oxygen intake which can help you up your cardio game – and good cardio means stronger heart and lungs, increased metabolic rate and weight loss.

A Good Sailor Uses Their Muscles – A Lot

The hoisting of sails and trimming of sheets are good for engaging arm, shoulder and back muscles. When battling tough sea conditions and wearing bulky life jackets, it can make your workout even harder. Often when sailing, leaning over the side of the boat to gain balance when pulling sails is a common occurrence. Here is where the core muscles will engage (to keep you from falling into the sea), which is a great toning exercise. Sailing can also help build endurance, the steering and balancing tasks will have to be continually managed, keeping all those muscles engaged.

Again, sailing allows for a constant level of exercise here without your being conscious of it. You will finish your trips fatigued but benefiting from increased stamina and muscle, which only help to further increase your endurance, protect your joints, and get you closer to your target physique.

Sailing Improves Co-Ordination and Motor Skills

Operating a sailing boat can help to improve hand eye coordination and motor skills. These are essential skills which can deteriorate over time; regularly practicing or exercising your fine and gross motor skills can reduce the chances of motor problems in the future.

With sailing, a good level of co-ordination is needed to navigate the boat through sails and tying rope, but working on your hand eye coordination and motor skills development will also help you in your other sports and physical activities through enhanced agility and improved reaction times.

4 Reasons Sailing is the Best New Workout
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Mind and Body

There is something about being at sea and the sense of tranquillity that can help you relax. But more than just the beauty of the water, it has also been proven that sailing improves your mental health. In fact, the sea air has charge ions that aid in oxygen absorption helping you feel more relaxed and energised.

The other mental benefit of sailing comes from the importance of team work. When you’re under pressure and feeling drained, your team are like your personal trainers, pushing you on to succeed. Unlike a solitary workout routine, you can also develop communication skills that will support you in your everyday life. On the boat, this can range from passing ropes to each other, alerting of any hazards and using sailing terms to help navigate the boat – in real life, this translates to thinking, acting and communicating faster and more effectively.

Sailing is far from a leisurely sport; it is a brilliant workout that can help you explore and have fun whilst working your whole body – making it a fantastic way to change up your exercise routine. And if you haven’t found your sea legs yet, why not try one of my three new fitness trends to revolutionise your workout?

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