The Skinny On Fats

The Skinny On Fats

– One of the biggest misconceptions, second only to the silly notion of “carbs makes you fat” is that fat makes you fat.

Its easy to understand why people jump to this conclusion. If protein = muscle, carbs = energy, fat must = fat right?

That just isn’t how things work. An excess of calories is what makes a person fat.

A recent meta-analysis study showed that eating fatty acids has no effect on cardiovascular disease. People often also think thank saturated fats are the devil. However, it has been shown that saturated fat can help to increase testosterone levels, and increase performance in the gym.

The Bad Fats

There is however one fat that is absolute no good, and it is a type of saturated fat.

Trans-fat, or industrial trans-fat. Trans-fats are manufactured to give food a longer shelf life. It is quite commonly found in biscuits, crackers or cookies.

It is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil. The end result is a solid block of fat that sits at room temperature.

It is also used in deep fried food products such as chips, deep fried chicken and the like. Trans-fat are not found naturally, and should be avoided.

How Fats Can Beef Up Your Gym Performance

If fat intake is too low, this will have a detrimental effect on your performance. Dorian Yates mentioned that during his content prep, he quickly found that if he let his fats drop too low, it would have a negative impact on his workouts in the gym, along with causing his hair to split and nails to become weak.

Dorian stated that when his fat intake dropped below 15% of his total caloric intake, that is when he began to suffer negative effects.

People often neglect fats when looking to bulk up. They put so much emphasis on protein, and carbs, that they forget about fats.

In order to bulk, you need to be in a caloric surplus. It’s as simple as that. Carbs & Proteins each contain 4 calories per gram. Fat, however, contains a whopping 9 calories per gram.

This makes eating fatty foods (which contain good fats) a prime food source to bulk up. I hear from so many guys “i can’t gain weight”, well guess what, here is a tub of peanut butter, grab a spoon and dig in.
It’s that simple. Sure, you can look into fancy supplements, mass gainers, or weight gain shakes to help you. If you take them they will help you take in a large amount of calories. However you can also boost your caloric intake easily eating high in fat foods such as;

• Nut Butters
• Nuts
• Beef
• Avocado
• Egg Yolks
• Full Fat Yoghurt
• Cheese

Despite being high in fat, these foods will NOT make you fat. The only way you will get fat is if you eat too much of these. This applies to eating too much protein or carbs.

The Bottom Line

It is important to remember that a single food, food source, or food type does not make you fat. Only a caloric surplus will lead to fat gain.

Bare this in mind when planning your diet and picking your foods – you are allowed to eat fat.

As a general rule of thumb i’d always aim for a minimum of 0.25g of fat per lb of body weight – or ensure that your fat intake is not below 15% of your total caloric intake.

This applies to both bulking and cutting

Supplements can help you, such as omega oils, fatty fish oils and flax seed oil etc. However I’d personally say the easiest way to up fat intake is with nut butter. Peanut, almond, cashew, it doesn’t matter. Straight from the spoon, or blended into your shake is so easy. Whether you want to opt for the nut butters, or if you’d prefer to supplement, can help you with info & reviews.

Granny said eat your greens. Shreddy is telling you to eat your fats!

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