Lazy Meals

Lazy Meals

– Frustrating isn’t it when your healthier lifestyle best intentions seem to run out of steam and you fall back into your unhealthier old habits. So why can’t we just do what is good for us and keep that going?

The problem for most of us is the “all or nothing” approach which needs a lot of energy and motivation to keep going and doesn’t take into account how our minds work. Those 10 day or even month long detoxes are doomed to fail, they feel more like a punishment rather than a way to feel better about yourself. Sugarless diets, salad and carb-free meals, juice or liquid lunches and dinners are something that can feel good at the beginning but the cravings for “real” food can kick in and make it much more difficult to stick to.

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If you really want to change body shape, weight and feel healthier then you have to let go of those quick fixes you hope will solve your issues in just a few weeks. As most of you know, they just end up with you feeling bad for low willpower and feeling you have failed yet again. The answer for myself and my clients is to make realistic small changes that over time can make a huge difference.Lazy Days My Gym Blog

For example:

Changing sugar in tea or coffee to sweeteners
Swapping frosted cereals to normal versions
Drop chocolate bars more often to fruit you really enjoy but have the odd bar now and then
Swap crisps for unsweetened popcorn more often


You get the idea

You also have to take into account that when tired, hungover or really busy your mind will seek the quickest option to fill your belly. So make your healthy food options ridiculously easy to make. I found that a bag of microwave rice, bowl of peas and can of tuna steak takes just 4 mins to make a healthy filling lunch, it’ more hassle to make a sandwich. When tired why bother getting out all your vegetables and faffing around making a salad when your local supermarket may have one all prepared for you and you just add the cooked meat of your choice. These “cheats” are great on busy days and because they are quicker to prepare than making the unhealthier alternatives you are more likely to do that when in lazy mode.

Lazy Days My Gym Blog

Yes I know some people will criticize these “cheats” for not being super healthy and promotes convenience and processed versions of healthy meals. Well let them, if these meals help you as they did me reach your health goals then who cares how you did it? Yes at times you will feel bothered to make amazing healthy meals from scratch but there are times when you cannot be bothered so why not take those moods into account and prepare for them? Enjoy what you see as a treat now and then but know that what we do more often will make the biggest difference.

Lazy Days My Gym Blog

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