Adam MyGym Founder

Adam MyGym Founder

Self confidence has never been a strong point with me, I have always had a skinny frame and have found it hard to gain mass (other than a beer belly) so growing up I was always the quiet one at school, always at the back getting picked last for games.

In typical geek style I shied away from sports and concentrated more on things like computers & science. Studying science A-levels at Market Harborough before going on to study Applied Biology at The University of Hertfordshire. I returned home to Leicester and it was here that I started going to the gym… or rather I had gym membership – self confidence as well as general lack of will power meant I was a member for years without ever really achieving any results.

In 2005 I moved from Leicester to Brighton and have fallen in love with the city. Sure it has its faults but then doesn’t everywhere? Something about living by the sea & in such a diverse city energises me; I’m very happy and lucky to live here.

As the years in Brighton have gone by I have found that I actually enjoy fitness. In fact, I’m passionate about it & with the help of a great Personal Trainer my confidence and abilities have grown.

I love running, having completed two half marathons and my first marathon in April 2014. I am now training for my second marathon which is in September in the amazing city of Berlin. As well as running I am getting into gym training in a big way, it’s now time for me to challenge & focus myself and get the body I want while balancing my running program.

I want to show people out there that no matter what your background or age there is always time to get the body you want and achieve the goals you set. It’s about taking it all one-step at the time & focusing on making little changes in your life so that they amount to the total sum of your goal.

If I can do it, then so can anybody.

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