Adam Foster Contributor

Adam Foster Contributer

Adam Foster Contributor – BA Business Management & MSc Marketing Management is a competitive bodybuilder, fitness blogger, supplement reviewer, and huge geek. The Bruce Banner guy that turns into the Hulk? That’s pretty much Adam. When not in the gym he can be found counting his Pokémon cards, dusting his figurine collection, sealing comics or playing video games.

Online Adam is known better as ‘Shreddybrek’ the name of his website and YouTube channel, which were founded in 2003. He started the YouTube channel as a way to share some of his fitness & workout tips, in a humorous and entertaining manner. From his transformation series to jumping into WWE-rings dressed as a power ranger, Adam has a range of video content that will appeal to anyone remotely interested in fitness.

Adam Foster Contributor

As a fan of Pro Wrestling growing up, and being overweight, Adam was motivated to swap the video games controller for a pair of dumbbells and the cookies and cakes for healthy snacks and protein shakes. After losing weight and starting at the gym, he was bitten by the bodybuilding bug. Whilst still a fan of wrestling, Adam shifted gears to focus on developing his physique and career in bodybuilding, as opposed to running the ropes of a wrestling ring.

2013 marked Adam’s first year of competing within bodybuilding. He currently has competed for NABBA, however is looking to begin competing in the UKBFF within 2015 and beyond. His dream would be to compete at the Mr. Olympia stage. However his realistic goals are to continually better his appearance year on year, and constantly better himself.